Wish there was closer launching event

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Const Star

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Dec 14, 2004
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fayetteville north carolina doesnt have anything. closest places are like whitakers and charlotte, REALLY LONG DRIVESSSSSS
I'm not sure where in North Carolina you live, but we launch rockets every month in Orangeburg, South Carolina. It would be a few hours, but I think it would be worth it. Most of the people that fly with us, spend the night at a very close hotel.


This website is one of two clubs that use the field. Check out the phots section and you'll be able to tell what it is like.
yeah im familiar with tripoli, they have a launch site at whitakers and charlotte and some other place here in NC. long drive though from here in Fayetteville
We have both a Tripoli and a NAR club. It doesn't matter which club you are a member of, you can come and fly rockets. Fayetteville is 3 hours from Orangeburg......
yeah, thats what id consider a long drive. but i spose when i start working again it wont be that big a deal
heh, im willing to drive to chicago for an N capable launch. im going to the launch in NY in june, should be cool, thats about 5 hours from me. hotels are your friend.:D
Originally posted by r1dermon
thats about 5 hours from me. hotels are your friend.:D

Yea, when you are addicted to rockets, 3-5 hour drive is worth it!!!!!
i have no quams taking a plane either. lol. as long as its far enough. like, if i was going to a launch in FL, i'd definately take a plane. but NY is only 5 hours, that leaves 19 hours in that day, thats nothing. NOTHING. lol. FL is about 24 hours from me, so that would be an issue.
if i could afford to do stuff like that i would, in a heart beat. the mere mension of something rocket and its got my adrenaline going. like a **** crack addict

give me a fix man, i need my fix
so its a money issue? how about this....i believe i can pull some strings(my friend has a friend who has a mother who works at a travel agency) i can get you GUARANTEED 50% off of a plane ride from north carolina to NY in june for the launch. so what do you say? you down? PM me if you'd like to know more.

PS, this is round trip as well. it would probably cost you about 3-400 dollars round trip from north carolina to NY, so that'd be about 200 bucks for a round trip ticket to NY. gimme a PM.
i can get a round trip from douglas international in charlotte NC to NY for 269 coach class. thats 134.50 for a flight round trip with one stop each way in washington DC. dept. the 18th of june and depart NY the 22nd. this is a one time deal thing that my buddy gets. i can usually get one per year. because his mom gets reward type of points for commission, so its pretty cool. i also save big on cruises. but its one or the other.
i appreciate the offer, but really until i start working again i just cant afford it, and if i could drive to charlotte to fly to new york it wouldnt be a problem to begin with since there are closer launch sites than doing all that. would be nice to fly to NY though, lots of relatives live there in the mountains. my father is living up there at the moment as well
listen, the offer is up on the table up until a month before the launch. let me know. we can work something out.
If you do mainly low and midpower, then you can come to the PARSeC field. It is in Simpsonville, SC. We have a launch this Satursay. The website is www.parsecrocketry.com
yeah, but as ive mentioned before, it would make more sense for me to just go to whitakers if anything. and i cant even do that at the moment
Originally posted by AlexM
If you do mainly low and midpower, then you can come to the PARSeC field. It is in Simpsonville, SC. We have a launch this Satursay.

AlexM, tell us a little more about your field, fees, rules etc. What size motors?

I "might" be able to make it up there.......
As of right now, we have an A-G capable field. We just built this new, really cool launch controller. We have about 8 pads and one rail.The fees are 5 dollars for one launch day.
Originally posted by Const Star
yeah, but as ive mentioned before, it would make more sense for me to just go to whitakers if anything. and i cant even do that at the moment

Check with the local clubs like TAR-NAR and see if they have any members closer to you. You can always get together with them and put together your own launches.

Fayetteville isn't that small. There may be others interested that don't belong or maybe even know about the clubs. Try putting flyers out at the local hobby shops that carry rocket stuff.
well, i was hoping to find someone here from fayetteville / hopemills area. sad part is, i really dont know any good launch spots here besides raiding a football field or park. this place isnt exactly know for rockets, or hobbying much for that matter. only hobby shops i really know of are for new generation type toy games. nothing rocket....... wish i could move back to south carolina, dad took me to a rocket store once, it was like disney land, rocket kits everywhere, i didnt know where to begin. but here its just so plain and boring, no one here knows the thrill of building a rocket and then experiencing the adrenaline rush of launching it.

pretty much the most i get to do rocketry wise is repair my old rockets from my childhood and talk rocketry with u guys online. i guess it brings back the little happiness i had when i was a kid.

anywho, hopefully i can either find a rocketry fan here or get someone i know into it. just aint the same fun when ur alone
get a heavy rocket, launch it on an F20 at that football field, do that a couple times a month, guaranteed you'll get your own club together within a year. i launch at a local park, only suitable for barely an F motor. i used to launch E clusters and i got a TON of people into the hobby. some of whom i've lost touch with, and some of whom still launch at the park, all because they were walking by one day and saw something really cool.
ill probably do some searching for places where i can do some launchings, maybe bring some friends and get them hooked on rockets better than hooked on phonics. after i get money to do this stuff, be nice if i could find a decent job in this frickin city
Nothing for nothing, but if I were in your shoes I would play Johhny Appleseed. Best place to start is local Boyscouts. Talk to a local scoutmaster and volunteer to run a rocket pgrogram for one of the troops (there is a merit badge for space exploration). The scouts would just have to front for a Alpha bulk pack and you can help with the rest (teach them how to build, safety procedures, etc) then have a launch day. Chances are a good chunk of the kids will want to stick with it, and naturally, drag Dad into the mix. Before you know you have the beginnings of a club. Would be fun.