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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Tuesday I have a interview in Manchester :)

They left a message in the voicemail, and so when I called them back, and told them who I was... he said - The ROCKET MAN!!!

He saw my site, and they said they have several posistions that they think I would be perfect for :). He had a lot of enthusiam in his voice :)

One posistion they said I would be good for is I would be responsible for 300+ computers, and he says he figures if I can design, build, and fly rockets like those on my site, I should easily handle the 300 computers ;)...


I can't wait till Tuesday. Maybe he'll hire me on the spot :)

Go in to Target... and give my two week notice :)

Guys pray for me... and pray I don't botch the interview :).
Awesome! Good luck! I love the part you said.. If you can handle those kinds of rockets...:D

Good Luck!

Keep in mind on that interview that you are looking at them as much as they are looking at you.

Hope you find exactly what you want.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Doug, you'll do alright man. Just look sharp, don't slouch, choose words carefully, and be very cordial. If it doesn't work out for you, consider this a positive experience. I think the next time you post it'll be with good news though. Just start thinking of the rocket cash and you'll be set to say the "right things." :D Good luck to you buddy.
Good luck!

Even though they called you rocket man and have viewed your site, **remember**, yer going there to interview for a job, not talk rockets :D
Good luck, guy. I'm sure you'll do just fine. I've often though sport rocketeers, regardless of formal training, would do well in just about anything they set their minds to. Consider yourself fortunate to have found an organization that seems to think the same way. :)
Good Luck Doug,
Don't rely on the rocket gods, you may end up in a tree:D
You'll do just fine.
computer stuff sounds more fun than target...
good luck!
You'll do fine. Rockets show how technically inclined you are and how you can stay calm under stress. :D
Originally posted by GL-P
You'll do fine. Rockets show how technically inclined you are and how you can stay calm under stress. :D

Yeah... Spend months designing, building, troubleshooting a rocket that costs hundreds of dollars.... set it up... put it on the pad... and have that feeling... hoping that everything will work.

I am calm if it works... and when they don't work either ;).
congratulations! You will do good. Tuesday, I also have an interview for my first job. At McDonalds, but it is better than nothing. But, good luck! You will do great! I have faith in you. :)
I had the interview... I think it went well... they asked me all the important questions:

like - Where do I launch those rockets?
How much do they cost to fly?

Each person admitted that they spent some time downloading videos, and watching them :D.

Seroiusly... I thinked they liked me. They know I am pretty much a beginner in the field... but there were several things he liked. They were impressed with my site, GPA, and what I told them about my programming experience in college. Brian introduced me to one of the programmers, and he gave him a rundown of my Plusses. They are willing to train :).

And another thing I noted... they talked to me like they already decided... I know sometimes you can't put much stock into that.. but I just got a good feeling about this... :).
I know sometimes you can't put much stock into that.. but I just got a good feeling about this...

ya know what, that's good advice for life: follow your feelings. if you have a good feeling about something then great. if you don't have a good feeling about it, don't try to rationalize it, just stay away. the only times in my life I've really been in trouble have been when I did not follow my gut feeling.

that said, best wishes & hope this works out for you.
Sounds like you are on the right track, err.. maybe launch rail?
Good luck to ya.