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Jan 19, 2009
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Tucson, Az
I built "That 7 D's" rocket that was featured in an issue of Sport Rocketry and will be launching it this weekend at our Desert Heat launch (the wind gods willing). I have decided against the typical arrangement of estes igniters and cluster whips in favor of quickburst ones (that I have just finished making). It will be on our high power pad and I have plenty of juice to set them off, but I undecided on the best way to route and manage all the wires. The first option is to tape each lead down and take them off at a 90 degree angle. The second method would be to have the leads hang straight down and then gather them together at the clips. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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I most I have tried doing is a cluster of four aerotech E15's using the Quickburst and had good results. I led the leads off to the side and used a little masking tape to a fin to help support the weight of the leads.

Good luck lets see some pics