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Sep 29, 2011
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Howard, NY
I posted a version of this somewhere in some thread or other once before; I've made some additions, modifications, and additions.

For any who don't know, special characters can be entered by holding the Alt key while typing the corresponding number on the numeric keypad. Those with three or fewer digits are entered as shown. Those with four digits are also entered as shown, including leading zeros. Some of the four digit ones don't work in some environments, and must be entered in Word, or some other word processing program I assume, then copied and pasted elsewhere. Unfortunately, that includes needing to paste them here.

The first page shows all of the three and fewer digit codes; grey ones are pointless, since they can be typed directly. These date back to the original IBM PC, where they were implemented in the BIOS ROM.

The second page is just a select portion of the full unicode set, the ones I personally find most useful. That's because I made this for my own use, and I guess some other folks might find it useful as well.



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