Wildman vs performance rocketry tubing

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Jan 24, 2009
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The fiberglass tubes in wildman kits: Are they compatible with performance rocketry? I have a 6 inch ultimate wildman and I though about extending it,
I'm not sure, but unless you have a piece of PR tubing lying around, why not just have Tim send you a piece of what you need?

Just get on the phone with Wildman, you'll be very pleased with how they take care of business.
At first I thought so......
I've ordered some stuff from: Wildman, Hawk Mnt., & Giant Leap.
All of which carry FG tubing. On my last order; GL asked which did I want: Convolute or filament wound? I had a piece of filament wound from Wildman & thought it looks about the same... It turns out that the stuff is" NOT THE SAME!
The piece I received from GL was a bit on the sloppy side & when you drop a 54mm motor casing into it; you can rattle it around a bit. It was of the older non-extreme wind tubing, (almost transparent)

On the other side of the coin: the 3" PR convoluted & Hawk tubing is identical size wise or pretty close to it & will fit in most instances.

Hope this helps


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