Wildman Mini Punisher and Mini Piercer.

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Jul 29, 2023
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Scottsville Ky
These were mine and Miah's Christmas presents. Miah wanted the punisher and so I got the piercer.
Built with JB weld steel for internal, motor mount, and fin roots, BS 30 min for internal and Bigbong 5 min for external.
Y harness to swivel then 9' of mule tape that Chris had on sale for a nickel a foot. It was jb weld attached to the inside of the nose cone, 100 grams of b.b. poured in, then 20 grams of BS 30 minute epoxy, cooled in a water bath.
The parachute was attached with another swivel and a alpine butterfly knot. The harness was looped on with a water bowline, and taped.

I will attach both open rocket files I created to this thread.

Miah wants to drag race them. The punisher is dramatically more aerodynamic. The nose wieght, makes them stay within 25mph and 100 feet of one another.

The paint is from kustom canz Mystic Purple, and Coral Red, with 2K clear, wet sanded to 2000 grit and coated with hydro slick wax.

They feel like glass. These are the best I have done so far.


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