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Jan 17, 2009
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Everyone Knows Wildman has some of the BEST all fiberglass and Carbon fiber kits out there.

Also, Wildman figures he would rather let YOU decide how to finish your rocket, so he does not include declas in his kits.

So, what do you do if you want to finish your rocket like the ones on his website?

You come to me! Stickershock23.com Is proud to announce we have hooked up with Wildman and are now offering decals specifically for his kits!

Right now we have released 4 new sets and they are all available with just a few simple clicks..

Check them out!





Dark Star

Or see all of them HERE

Like all of our decals these are made of Sign Quality 5 year rated Vinyl, so they will install easy and look great for years to come!

If you wnat any of these customized or scaled up or down, I can do that too, just contact me [email protected]

Thanks to Wildman and Thanks for looking..

And remember.

Never fly Naked
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Hey Mark its hard to see Dark Star on this page in yellow...Alex


I am not 100% sure what page you mean.. I think you are talking about the small image on the "order page" if you click on that image you get a larger one.

But to make it easy. here it is.....

darkstar previw final.jpg
Close!! When you look on this post and when you want to pick the link to go to your website page it is hard to see the Yellow Darkstar like this one.Alex
the yellow word is Darkstar
I just finished a Drago using Stickershock's decals. It turned out great.
Thanks again for the great decals Mark!!


Wow. that was fast LOL

Looking GREAT! thanks for posting that. can't wait to see it fly!

Just a note, I reduced the price on the blackhawk decals.. I had them to high.

Thanks to everyone that ordered, give me a day or so to get them all out. you guys kind of slammed me!

There are going to be a ton of beautiful Wildman kits out there!
are the Drago stickers available in green?

Yes there are in a couple tones look at stickershocks first post in this thread and click drago and then you will go to his website and there you can pick the color and size you want.Alex
Wildman Darkstar with decals by Stickershock. Another great set of decals Mark!!!

Thanks again,