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Wildman Darkstar Jr and A/T 38/720

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Jul 19, 2014
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For Sale:

Assembled Wildman Darkstar Jr. Bought at Wildman BF sale year before last. Has an Aeropack 38mm retainer and aluminium av-bay bulkheads. There is a small ding on the inside of the tube and soot from an early ejection while the rocket was still under boost. It severed the kevlar shock cord but I was able to repair it by fishing the remaining line back through the motor mount and splicing it back together. It also on another flight spent about two months at the bottom of a pond, but is no worse for wear from it. It was flown about 3-4 times after that incident. One of the upper fins is slightly mis-aligned (1/16" or so) with its lower, but it still flies fairly straight. $120 or OBO.

Aerotech 38/720 complete motor. Flown twice, comes with seal disk. $85 or trade for a Loki 38/480 motor.

Prices do not include shipping. Thanks for looking.