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May 2, 2009
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on Discovery Channel

tonight at 8pm looks like the last showing today
footage from LDRS 22
I was wondering about the "M" Mature rating also....

I didn't see anything that would require a Mature rating. ?!?!?

Maybe they just don't want the kiddies watching all those "rocket crazies".:D
Upcoming showing is on Saturday afternoon (9/11/04). Supersonic Speed Demons is a week later.

Just finished editing the commercials out of the first one. :)

Anybody recall the name of the third show? I'm trying to prgram my DVR
I never get tired of watching Rocket Challenge:)
but I can't believe its rated M
What cracks me up is they "beeped" all the foul words out, and then still attached a "M" rating to it.

Nice program and all, BUT they neglected to show the entire on-board P motor flight which was a beaut !

I know they were trying to capture the expression on the owner's face, but that flipping back and forth between rocket and owner got to be a bit much. Of course, I'm used to seeing entire flight footage - am I spoiled ? 8)

Anyways, I'm hoping they continue to have shows like this on Discovery - made my evening with mostly reruns on - excluding the series finale of Drew Carey - no more Buzz Beer..*sniff*

that a 13-year-old won the challenge with a L2 rocket!
at least that's what his dad said on tv!

i taped it too!

i hope one of you guys will give a 'heads up' when the next ones are on. my brain is more a sieve, than storage....