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Jan 19, 2009
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Well, I was going to try and write a funny little back story to this rocket..But, funny thing is once you start looking at the screen the mind just kind of goes into vapor lock..LOL..Was going to relate a story how my friend Wil E was over the other day. When he showed up and saw all my rockets, he said that he had just gotten one in too from this company called Acme and wanted to know if I would let him use the shop to build it. I knew that Wil E wasn't the greatest craftsmen, so I let him have free reign in the workshop to build this 'nifty' rocket..Well, throughout the day I heard all this banging and clattering and cussing going on out in the shop. Every time I asked if he needed any assistance he kept refusing and telling me I was forbidden to enter my own shop until he had finished!:eek: Well, FINALLY the noise quit and he hollered out that he was finished and to come take a gander at his 'grand creation'!

Here are the results..I think this dude was sure proud..But I don't know...LOL

Well, I guess that isn't TOO bad of a back story..LOL..Anyways I built the Fliskits ACME Spitfire during this last week..And well, with it being a 'goofy' rocket we(stepdaughter and I) figured it needed a 'goofy' paint scheme//One in which it would appear an inept painter painted it..LOL..Let me tell you it is actually harder(for me anyway) to do a sloppy paint scheme then a neat tidy one..I am surprised I didn't get any bad paint reactions as I was mixing all sorts of different brands on top of each other..Old Krylon on top of new Krylon and vice versa..

This was a fun build..One gripe I do have tho..How in the world are you to only halfway insert a 1/8" thick centering ring, at an angle, in the ends of the body tubes??????? I tried and tried and tried but could NOT make it happen! I would think ok, I got it there and 'POP' it would go ALL the way in and be PERFECTLY flush...LOL...Worked out anyways , mainly used the offset hole for the stuffer tube to line things up and CA was my buddy to get the tube sections glued together!And then a good thick fillet of wood glue on the outside...Can't wait to put this in the air! Cool kit!

Acme Spitfire 001.jpg

Acme Spitfire 006.jpg
i'm usually expect to see really neat finished rockets from you Pantherjon, and on occasion you might get a reply post saying "well done" or "neat rocket".

so, errr.......

hope she flies well:D
Looks good John.

Glad you posted that pix. That is the best tip I've seen for splitting the ring between two tubes as I instruct in the ACME Spitfire.

Cool finish Pantherjon :) Folks should keep watch. I will be having a "ACME Finishing School" contest where folks will be judged on how they finished/decorated their ACME Spitfire kits :) (old and new builds will be accepted in the contest)
Looks... ACMEish! Great job!

As soon as I get around to it, I'll be building a 4" version of the Spitfire.
Nice job, Panther.... The Spitfire is a fun build and flies great too. Mine is ready to be refurbished, so better get it ready for Jim's ACME Finishing School.