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Oct 21, 2014
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I use Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia, a lot for research. The coolest thing about Wikipedia, besides being totally free, is that anyone can create entries or edit exsisting ones. Almost every topic is covered in Wikipedia but no entry yet exsists for high power rocketry. I was going to write one myself but I thought it would be a better idea to offer it up to the community and come up with some kind of collaborative effort. The entry should include information about the hobby, an example of a high power rocket, how high power rocketry differs from model rocketry, reglatory issues, etc. Some pictures would also be great. At the end of the entry links to Tripoli and the NAR should appear. If you guys are interested in helping I'll be glad to start then you can visit Wikipedia and improve it as you see fit.
Originally posted by Ozymandias
At the end of the entry links to Tripoli and the NAR should appear.

Why? Are HPR and wikipedia purely North American phenomena?

Good idea by the way, just don't forget that the rest of the world exists too.