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Jan 12, 2004
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Hi Guys,

Can anyone explain how to "wick" ca to the end of a motor mount?

I am guessing that you are asking about soaking part (or all) of a cardboard BT with CA? If so, I think you will answer your own qstn if you play with some scrap BT material.
The cardboard/fiber makeup of most BT is loose enough that if you drip a little thin CA into the inside surface, near the end of the tube, it will soak in and spread out (I don't wait for it to spread by itself, I usually smear it around with a toothpick or stick of scrap balsa). My experience is that one drop, given a couple minutes, will spread out 1/4 to 1/2 inch in all directions.
If you want to soak more than just the end of the tube it kind of turns into a one-man circus----you are going to have to work fast. I drip several drops of CA inside the tube, set down the CA quickly and grap a Qtip, and spend about ten seconds smearing the CA around inside the BT with the cotton tip. More than that and you start pushing your luck with permanently bonding the Qtip inside your cardboard BT. Spread the CA as thinly as you can, rotate the tube to help spread it out, and don't leave any puddles----these will harden in place at full thickness and turn into obstructions. (If you are making a reinforced motor mount tube, your motor will not slide into the tube past these obstructions)
Mostly, I use CA around the front and rear edges of BT to help withstand the wear-n-tear of nose cone and motor insertion/removal. If I want to soak the entire tube, I usually use a thin epoxy product (more working time).
Thanks Powderburner

Actually I need to wick the ends of two motor mounts...the 24mm metallic lined mounts that are found in True Modellers Kits. I ordered the nike smoke and the ata sentry......The instructions say to "wick" ca at the ends of the motor mounts to stop the lining from fraying away at the edges and improve longevity.

Im just not sure how to do this on such a fine edge
you need "thin" Ca .it pours like water. you can get it at most hobby or craft stores
than you just touch the tip of the glue nozzle around the edge of the tube.the glue will basically absorb into the tube from the bottle .just be carefull or it can run everywhere you don't want it
Ooooo...don't get me started on motor obstructions. On my failed L2 attempt, I was test fitting an AMW K motor case I had borrowed from Phil in the rocket the night before the launch. I had a drop of epoxy in the MMT, which I was able to push the motor case past to get it in, but which promptly decided it wasn't going to allow the motor to get back to freedom.

I went around looking for advice and someone told me Ken Parker probably had a stick we could use to push it out, so I go looking for Ken at the hotel. Ken didn't have anything up to the job but gave me this sage advice: "Holy @($&!!!! You'd better get that out of there before Phil sees it!!!" Just what I needed to hear when I'd known Phil in person for less than 12 hours! :eek:

SO, I run like crazy and find Mark Brown, who helped me get it out by pushing it with the PVC tube he kept his rail in (probably the only nice thing Mark did or said all weekend :D). After getting it out, I come around the corner, and what do I see but Ken and Phil pointing at me and laughing hysterically. :kill:

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