Who's ready for the 4th???

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I am!!!:D

I got motors ready for our monthly launch and fireworks for later.:D

We currently have a red, white and blue motor drag race and my Binder Stealth will be providing the red flame courtesy of an AT I285R.

There might also be another red, white and blue motor drag race as well.

Also, please don't post firework recipes as that was probably why the first 4th of July thread went to the chopping block.;)

Here's hoping everyone has a fun filled and safe Independence Day.:)
You know, there is a type of motor that is kind of like rocketry and fireworks rolled into one. Too bad they're not allowed....

On the other hand, we are going to have a great launch. Don't forget about that half scale Patriot going up. Oh yeah, and the BBQ....
You know, there is a type of motor that is kind of like rocketry and fireworks rolled into one. Too bad they're not allowed....

Had to stomp my sparky plans flat huh???:D

Well, an alternative is I could tape sparklers onto to my rocket.:D:D:D

To those other than Harold reading this.;) No I don't actually plan to do this and would NOT even recommend it.;)
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I, unfortunately, have to work Saturday(4th) night :( Hopefully I will be able to see some of the stuff they will be shooting over the Savannah River. The city of Savannah usually puts on a pretty big display..May run up to the nearby fireworks store Friday night and get a couple of 'cakes' on the off hand chance I may make it home early enough Sat night to set them off..Got my fingers crossed! ;)
i'm ready for the 4th, it's my mother's birthday, apartently it clashes with an event where the United Kingdom handed back an area of land somewhere to the west of us:p
hope you USA guys have a nice day.
I've been out this morning getting a few canning supplies because we'll be busy making jam this weekend with what will probably be the last of the reasonably priced strawberries of the season. We went in search of some unusual flavors and I think they're going to try hot pepper jelly as well.

I think I'll take some turkey out of the freezer and douse it with some meat rub so it will be ready to grill tomorrow.

Rockets--I've got kids in all stages from primed and ready to paint down to still cutting out fins, so they'll be kids in and out all weekend.

Fireworks tomorrow night...if the rain has cleared by then. The only fireworks that happen at home are sparklers. Not much bang there but they're cool enough for me.

:cheers: Happy 4th Everyone!
I'm soooo bad. One year 4th of July fell on a Sunday, so we were at church. I was in a leadership position, so I had to attend the leadership meetings early in the morning before the rest of the congregation arrived. I told everyone that the 4th of July has a special meeting to my wife and for all auxillaries & associated people to say a special "Happy 4th of July" to her.

Well, with her being from Leicester, England, and not a United States citizen yet, it drove her absolutely bonkers. See, where she comes from it's called - "Colonial Insurrection Day". LOL!!!

That was for all the years I was in her church in England singing "God Save the Queen."
I hope July 4th went well for our good neighbours to the south :)
I had an awesome 4th. Our local club had it's monthly launch and we did the red, white and blue drag race. Although it didn't quite go off in the order it was supposed to, it was still awesome.

My Stealth loaded with an I285R lifted off first, then the third rocket loaded with a Research 2 grain 38mm H150 Blue motor lit and finally Harold's Stealth with an I284W went. His motor was dated 1999 so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it.;)

Ate lots of good food, hot dogs, sausage and peppers, brats, mmmmm. I also did some fireworks in the evening.:D

I hope everyone here had a fun and safe 4th of July holiday.:)