Who's gonna be working on rockets this weekend?

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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I'm so that's the plan. No BBQ's planned. Gonna finish up my Jayhawk and see about getting some white on it. Might screw around in the garage...take my dog out for a few walks that's about it. Just wish I got paid for my time off.
I started my TRFKAB this afternoon and have one a Loc kit that is pretty far along I hope to finish both of those and get them primed this weekend. I also have to finish the repairs to my 4" Black Brandt not much left to do.
Started on my Electric Ventris last night. We'll see how far I can get without having to buy something. After buying the L2 airframe, I'm attempting to not make any rocket purchases this month.
on my way to garage to build a J510 , then pack for launch tomorrow 3 1/2 hr drive each way
I'm at work this week, so of course I'll be building some rockets at my desk! :lol:
I just may light off...

Some illegal fireworks...:cool:

As long as there not Assault Fireworks.... ;)

I will be building my BT-55 sister rockets with the fin cans I got. I think I may try to put boosters on the Estes Pro Series II booster as its to heavy to use stock. I just bought my first flight computer (EasyMini) and I think I will work on getting that installed in the Star Orbiter. Can't just have one project, always waiting for something to cure......

Just launching a world record sized assault model rocket here.