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Jan 18, 2009
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Just curious, who all from the good ole TRF plans on attending ST2004 in Manchester, TN? I'll be there along with my family. I hope to meet quite a few of you there.
Well I was hoping to, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it.
My wife is in her last semester of Nursing school and her finals are that following week, so I'm sure she'll be studying all weekend. I've flown with HARA a few times, but haven't made it to Manchester yet. It's quite a long drive for me, but maybe I'll get up there sometime. My wife has promised to attend some launches with me once she's finished with school; and with the extra income, she has agreed to let me join NAR, build bigger rockets, get certified, and all sorts of good stuff. Basically, she's just going to let me have a little more of MY money. :)

Southern Thunder looks like it is going to be the biggest and best launch in the South this year! Two vendors (Merlin Missiles and Magnum Rocketry), tons of raffle/contest prizes, extended waivers (22K ft enough for y'all?) and a night launch. Rooms at the Ambassador are going fast, and the KOA is filling up!

If you haven't seen our little piece of Rocket Heaven yet, you really owe it to yourself to come out for Southern Thunder. there is nothing like a huge turf farm on a beautiful summer day with the smell of AP and BP in the air.

Check out the latest details including all our donors who have supported us at https://www.hararocketry.org/st2004.html
I'll be there ,specificaly sat and sun afternoons for pad mgr detail.
I hope to have a night launch bird ready.(I'm thinking glow sticks)
plus Mark Klinger plans to be there with his excellent photography work

looks like part of the waiver has been extended to 22,000 agl!
We'll be getting to the motel LATE Friday night, so we've already got the arrangements and room reserved. I'll probably volunteer for some duties, I just haven't decided what or when.

I definately don't want to miss this launch. The doctor is wanting to cut me open, and I've talked him into waiting until mid May, which means ST2004 might be the only trip we get to make to Manchester this season.

I don't have any big projects, but do plan to let my Fat Boy loose on another G flight again, this time with a streamer.

And, if anyone comes across my scratchbuilt I lost there last year, or any of it's remains, I'd love to know the fate of it :)
David ,
look forward to seeing you there .
Just think.... you will have some extra time to build rockets after your surgery.It's great recovery therapy you know!!......he he

Slim T ,too bad you won't be able to attend.I for one understand ....my wife is an RN ..theres always the next one tho
once she makes it thru finals ok . ,she won't have to worry too much about job opportunitys!

Was that your Bomarc that...ummm...had a very realistic scale flight...on Saturday? I was so sorry to see it crash, it was a beautiful model!!! What kind of stuff do you think you will have built up by May?

We could really use some more volunteers for LCO, RSO and Pad managers, so if anyone out there is coming, and want to volunteer, let us know!!!

Looks like we will have T-shirts for sale, if you want one for sure, let us know so we can make sure to get enough.
Originally posted by stymye
Slim T ,too bad you won't be able to attend.I for one understand ....my wife is an RN ..theres always the next one tho
once she makes it thru finals ok . ,she won't have to worry too much about job opportunitys!

I talked to my wife again last night about this. Turns out she may be able to take 2 of her finals the week before Southern Thunder, and then only have 1 left to take afterwards. So, she said if this works out, we can go. Woohoo! But I won't know for sure until that week. So I'm going to go ahead and make plans to go so I'll be ready. Hope to see you all there. Keep your fingers crossed.

Yeah, job opportunity for RN's is incredible. She already has a job lined up here. My mom has been an RN for about 10 years now, and my wife will start out making almost as much money as her. It's unbelievable. If I wasn't already an engineer, I might even consider nursing myself. Half the time in college, and nearly as much money, starting pay anyway.

Several from SEARS572 out of Dothan, AL are planning to attend at least the Saturday launch and some may be able to stay for Sunday as well. Will know a better head count as we get a little closer.

That sounds great Keith. Especially since I haven't been able to make it to another SEARS launch yet. Hopefully I'll make it to more launches soon.

That sounds great!!! We really enjoy having folks from all over come up and launch, the field is just too perfect to keep to ourselves. We just got word that NASA is going to hold the SLI finals at ST004...watch for the official announcement soon!!!
NASA wouldn't give us any money this year, so our school (Sparkman) won't be doing SLI. :( Anyways, I will be there most likely and I will fly my 4 inch Horizon on an I, V-2 on a H210R, scratchbuilt on a G64, Initiator on a F20, Black Brant 3 on a F20, and of course video rockets. Lets try to have a TRF gathering at the launch. I will try to make a sign that says "TRF members meet here" in front of my tent and we can all visit and stuff. Well, I look foward to seeing all of you!
Was that your Bomarc that...ummm...had a very realistic scale flight...on Saturday?

Lance yep.. but it will be rebuilt for st2004(with a little less power this time)

I'm bringing my ezi-65 on a pro38H
a 29mm Aries
a little joe II
lots of midpower stuff
29mm cone rocket, basically I'm bringing all I can ...and flying as many I can. but I'm in dire need of a 29mm rms casing!
I'll be wearin my TRF shirt Saturday. If there's a meeting point, I'll find it.

Stymye, I know where there's a 29mm casing, if you don't mind climbing a tall tree! :kill:

I won't be flying HPR, but like Stymye, lots of mid power stuff. And, probably lots of low power stuff as well. I'll probably put the BBII up on a G80 again, unless I come across a G64-7 at the launch. I've got a G80 for my AT Mustang, depending on conditions. And, I'll probably put my L1 bird up on a G for a nice slow and low flight. I also want to test the integrity of my CHAD repair on my Fat Boy, with another G35 flight.

I'm really pumped about the launch, but I'm looking more forward to seeing lots of friends I've not seen in a while, and meeting lots of new ones.
What size 29mm case do you need? I have the 29-180 and the 29-240, and right now neither is slated to be busy that weekend...they are yours for the askin if they will work for you.

Have you checked with our vendors to see if they can let you know in advance if they will have the motors you are looking for? I know that Merlin Missiles has quite a few of the Aerotech Model and Mid-power motors, and I imagine that Magnum does too. With a month until the launch, if you let them know now, they may even be able to make sure they have some by then.

As of last week Ross didn't seem to have a ton of reloads.
I talked to Ken at Performance Hobbies-- he had a pretty good supply.
stymyme - I have a 29/180 and 240 also-- yours for the asking if you want to borrow. I plan to be there Sat. at least.
Talk to Chuck Pierce, president of HARA. He will probably have a good bit of G64-7s, unless I get to them first. ;) :p What 29mm casing are you looking for? I have a 29mm 120 casing for E,F, and G reloads that you could borrow if
1) I am able to go
2) I'm not using it
3) You at least take out the spent motor junk out before giving it back (sorry you have to give it back :))

Other than that no problem. Ross is supposed to have one of the I reloads I will be flying my 4inch Horizon on and a H210R for my 4 inch V-2. Anyways, I'm really looking foward to the launch. :D
I'm sure I can come across a G64-7 some where. I've got lot's of motors I could trade for one. The only thing my BBII has ever flown on, has been a G80-7, and I've got some good lift off shots of it. But, the thing I'm missing in the photo's, typical of G80's, is smoke and flame :) I'd love to see it fly with a nice flame visible, on top of a good column of smoke!

Check out the ST webpage. Not counting Oscar's Hybrids, we have three HPR motor vendors coming down to support the launch! Merlin Missiles, Magnum Rocketry and RS Rocketry. All of them have motors, Merlin has lots of "smaller" motors, and just about any Pro38, Pro54, and some ProX stuff. This should be the most available motors have been in our area for a LONG time!!

(Hanger 11 has offered to combine shipping and get stuff out in time for the launch if you need something that they have as well)

I've been keeping an eye on the vendor page, and it's looking pretty sweet!! I'll definitely be packing plastic :D
We have official confirmation that the NASA-Marshall Spaceflight Center will be holding the finals for the Student Launch Initiative at Southern Thunder 2004!!!

They will be bringing 8 High School Teams and 2 University teams on Saturday for the flying portion of the competition. See the Southern Thunder Website for details!!!!

Well everyone, I'm not going to make it after all.
My wife couldn't take her finals early, so I guess I'll just have to wait for next year.
Have fun, take pics. :)


Just learned that several members of the "Boys" will be on hand to help out... Our founder Ron Witherspoon, and our NAR Advisor Clark Word (also a member of HARA I believe) will be there both days... As the HARA guys have been tremendous in helping the BIRMINGHAM ROCKET BOYS become established... the members are excited about the opportunity to help in anyway they can...!!!

Hope to meet some of you there...!!!

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