Who to contact about an error on JimZ's site?

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Mar 27, 2013
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I've found an error, and I'd like to see if someone could fix it.

The Cherokee D fin scan that is on the site. indicates that the fins are 1/8" thick. I've found nothing that indicates that it EVER came with with 1/8" thik fins. However, my original (ca. 1983) sample is noticeably thinner, and the 1974 Estes Custom Parts Catalog shows that BF-47 (PN 32220) was 3/32" x 4" x 9".

I wonder how many people are out there that have cloned this kit, and find that their fins seem too... I dunno... thick? from what they remember.


good question, we've tried getting the site to post the fin template for the Estes alpha(K25) for some time. I don't think that the site is being updated, just moved from server to server.
Good question. Has anyone tried the e-mail listed on this page? I figure probably so but want to be sure.


Even if it never gets updated, it is a great resource. I hate when some people close down their site manly because they can't justify updating the site anymore. Unless it is a news-oriented site or such, it's a good resource for sites to stay up.

I rarely update my own site anymore..... but i'd never shut it down because I don't update it much.

I had the original Cherokee-D, liked it lot. Do not recall what the fin thickness was.