Who got you into rocketry?

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This gentleman...
Had heard about "high-power", and the launch site was about 70 miles south of home, so I thought I'd go watch.
He saw me, came over and said "Hi", and asked if I'd help him get his rocket loaded on the rail. It was about eight feet long and six inches in diameter.
If I recall, it went up on an "L", and I was "toast".
Mom and dad got me started into model rocketry.

They bought me Estes kits, including a refrigerant (Freon) powered rocket, and some manufacturer of a water-powered pump-up rocket (translucent red nose cone to see the water level), and parachute men (wrap a small parachute and stick in the recessed back of a plastic military looking guy and throw it in the air.)

Mom and dad also helped me find a way to get some NASA library/catalog photos. I think they were like 8" x 10" color prints, from Apollo related items like the Earthrise, Aldrin on the moon, and a Mercury capsule in space, if I remember correctly. So in a way, NASA rockets I saw on TV, and NASA photos fueled my interests and 'got me into' rocketry.

But it was mom and dad who were first supportive, the first start into rocketry.

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