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Jun 30, 2010
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Whilst at UKRA I noticed some small 24mm rockets that whistled at burnout. Could I make one of these with a BT-60 bodytube & a BT-60 nosecone? The nosecone is about 6" long and extremely
Is that the Estes Screamin' Mimi? It has 4 outboard pods with cheap whistlers on the end.

You could also build a rocket that spins.....like a Public Enemy Honest John...I have seen one whistle like crazy on burnout, but I have not flown mine yet to hear.
Im not sure wether it was the motor or rocket that was making the 'sissssh' noise at burnout , but im pretty sure they where just normal Estes D12's.It was sorta' like , the rocket jumped of the pad realy quickly , and the rocket was making a siiissssh noise when the motor burned down. Maybe it was slowing down rapidly?
I would suggest building/testing a split fin design like the BSD Thor (downscaled for your parts of course). My Thor makes for quite a nice loud post-burnout whistle when I've flown it on Pro38 I285 & J285.
Rockets with 2 sets of fins often make the wistle, such as the Phoenix, its really cool
Originally posted by Ryan S.
Rockets with 2 sets of fins often make the wistle, such as the Phoenix, its really cool

Yes, The YANK Mystic Buzz whistles quite well. Possibly the reason for the name?
Whistling fins.

Yes the Thor is renound for whistling - sounds good too.

Mine however don't.

I would speculate the reason that mine do not is as a result of some serious aerofoiling.

Take a look at my Thor fins next time you have chance Karl.

In contrast Richard Parkin's Thor does. But he hasn't aerofoiled them.

We think that the main reason for the whistling is the turbulence caused inbetween the un aerofoiled fins.

Funny thing is - I really like the whistling and was a little disspaointed when my Thor was silent!

A Hypertek motor system resolved the lack of noise on it's way up though!