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Mar 30, 2009
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I sometimes can go a few months or more without building a model rocket. Then I come across a model rocket that gets me back into build mode. What is the last model rocket that has you into building rockets again?

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4x 18mm cluster in a Quest 50mm tube and plastic nose cone. Four slightly swept trapezoidal fins. I've had the tube and nose cone since last summer. No primer or paint yet.

Estes 36 D Squared that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $8.64, bashed into something else entirely, but still a 2x 24mm cluster. I used a long PNC-60 ogive nose cone from Custom on this one. The rocket ended up being about 45" tall. The motor tubes are fully enclosed inside a long BT-70 section, which then uses the kit's BT-60-70 transition to go down to the forward BT-60. No fins yet, though there will be four of them. Otherwise, construction is almost done. No primer or paint yet.

A BT-55-to-70 sport scale scratch NASA Jumbo Drop Test Vehicle (JDTV). The real one is being used to test the first-stage recovery parachute for the upcoming Ares I rocket. Mine will use hand-rolled cardstock nose cone and transition/shroud, which I expect to be frustrating. This one is in work, with only the motor mount done so far.

Then I ordered a Fliskits Triskelion, ACME Spitfire, and Nantucket Sound. I'm working on the Triskelion, with only the motor mount done so far.
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Modified Flis Cougar 660. I've been too busy to build for a couple months, but there is a competition coming up sponsored by the CU engineering school involving model rockets - specifically, a B6 altitude competition. So, I picked up a Cougar 660 and modified it a bit so it is now shorter and min. dia. 18mm. Hopefully, it will win the competition (it's simming to 1550 feet or so...)
Any oddroc kit will usually do it for me.:D

Working on my Nantucket Sound which is now the second oddroc I'll be building in a row. The last one was the Sunward King Tut pyramid.;)
Semroc SLS Laser-X. Dropped it for a while and finally decided to finish - hopefully for a May launch.
Semroc Hydra-VII

I liked the idea of the 7 motor cluster challenge :)
An odd idea that I can conceptualize into a rocket.
the rocket that gets me into building agian, is usually something from EMRR yearly challenge, when the deadline approachs i start to build whatever is needed to meet the deadline.
Ummm. My problem is not a compelling enough rocket, it's getting through the build pile for all of the kits I've already accumulated! Geesssh. They are ALL interesting to me...
No specific rocket....I just build when I feel the urge. Right now I'm coming off an unusually long dry spell, working on a QModeling RMS Vega and an Aerotech Mirage. I've got an SR-71 Blackbird, Scissor Wing Transport, and a Hawks Hobby SOlar Sailer waiting in the wings...
Any model or project can do it for me, but being reminded of WHY I build rockets is usually what it takes to get the juices flowing again. Seeing pictures of rockets with beautiful paint jobs, or looking at great photos or videos of rockets blasting off, staging, or soaring through the sky always does the trick to shake me out of my torpor.

<<<EDITED ***My Bad**** This is a LPR thread>>>

Well after a couple of years saying I was going to try a Dr. Zooch, Sheri's Hot Rockets and a Fliskits, I finally bought the Dr. Zooch Saturn V and Sheri's Mercury-Redstone. Now I just need to find a Fliskit.

My build queue is quite large:

1. Dr. Z Saturn V is complete awaiting it's ILC.
2. 2nd build of my 24mm Delta IV Heavy w/separating boosters - May-June.
3. Sheri's Mercury Redstone - June-July
4. My new 38mm HPR Delta IV Heavy also with separating boosters. July-Dec
5. Upscale of my scratch Intrepid 2A rocket glider and with RC (2010)

6. A Fliskit - whenver I have a couple of spare weeks
7. Level 2 54mm build, most parts are on hand (2010)
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All of my recent projects have been Mid or High power, I havent built a low power rocket for a looooong time, don't know why. But anyway, here's my list from the past year.

***all of the rockets made before the start of 2008***

1. Yank Mystic Buzz, finished and flying

***the dry spell***

2. Sheri's Titan, started building last spring and finished in the summer

***model airplane season***

3. Aerotech Sumo, built in the fall before Midwest Power

***the time before Christmas when I can't get anything new, buuuut...***

4. In my time of crisis, I found extra tubes and built Running With Scissors out of scratch, still working on it though

***resupply time (Christmas)***

5. Talon 3, almost done
6. King Kraken, still needs a motor retainer and paint
I checked the link and decided that you've been holding out.


Definitely pics!
I would be most interested in your modification and how it does :)

Keep me posted!

Certainly :)

Unfortunately, there aren't any build pics, but I'll make sure to get some pics of it before I launch it (when, inevitably, it shall vanish for all of eternity...). I'll post a thread and the rocksim file as soon as I have the pics.
I can't get away long enough to get back.

Ok, We need some photos!

It's been a month, any progress?

Drink cup lander? Tintin? This could be bad for my wallet.

We need to see the Saturn V and the Mars Lander. Please.
Been back at building for many years now however the one that brought me out of a decade long dry spell was the Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk. My first intro into mid power.

I checked the link and decided that you've been holding out.


Definitely pics!

Well, not so much holding out.....

OK, here is a liftoff shot of a retro 60's NASAesque bird that is in the works.

And here are the fixin's for another one that is on the workbench.
What really gets my rocket juices (rocket fuel???) flowing is when I hit on a scale project that nobody has done or done well and once I get into the drawings and it hits me, "this is doable!";)

Or if it isn't doable...I'll make it doable!

Little Joe II
Soyuz TM
Nike Hercules
Nike Ajax
Pershing 1a
I get my inspiration from any vaguely rocket-shaped package following consumption of the contents. As long as it's fairly symmetrical, has an aspect ratio greater than 1, three or more sides and will take adhesive. Or any paper model which is a bit pointy, e.g. Eiffel tower or Empire State Building. If the paper model is actually of a rocket, that's a bonus.
I'm getting ready to jump back into building and flying again. I took a long time off to concentrate on racing RC cars, but that hobby (for me at least) seems to keep me away from my family more than I would like. So, I'm out of RC racing again, and back to rocketry.

It isn't so much a particular kit that has me ready to go. It's that my daughter is now of the age where she can build her own kits and really wants to do it! :D
George Gassaway Stiletto-B and a scratch A-SuperRoc Duration model. There's a competition coming up! I'll be starting a PMC Jupiter-C in a day or two here when it comes in.


I finally got the urge to build the ARG Black Brant VA that I won at the NARCON 2004 raffle. It is freshly painted now and I'll likely fly it at NSL if I get some time.
Somehow I am on a scale kick now.
I just sprayed the black paint on my Saturn V today.
I would be most interested in your modification and how it does :)

Keep me posted!


Well, unfortunately, it turns out that the speed of failure of 1/64" plywood is about 5mph slower than the speed which my rocket attained on a B6-6...

It looked like it was going to be flawless - pop lug worked as advertised, with a perfect initial boost, but then the rocket took a 90 degree turn at burnout. All fins were turned to splinters when it turned sideways at 350mph. Oh well - there's always next year :eek:

Oh, and here's the rocksim file of my mod, if you're curious:

View attachment fliskits_cougar660_18mm_mod.rkt
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Could you pop off a jpg of that? (i don't have rocksim :) )

I may be able to help with the fins once I see the mod