Where to purchase initiator start kit?

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Dec 26, 2009
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Well, considering my order from discount hobby center just went dud, i'm looking for a good (i.e. reputable and FAST) dealer to purchase the initiator starter set from (reloadable 40-120). I checked a2z, but they're out of stock on them. Anyone know of any good dealers that might have them in stock?
Hey there John. I just sent you an Email with some places locally that carry Aerotech products. It's really hit and miss so you'll have to call ahead. I think HobbytownUSA in Brandon still has the 29/40-120 RMS casing in stock. You might get lucky with someone here on TRF selling you an extra starter set. (Yes, people around here hoard these sets!) Good luck with your search. Worst come last, Aerotech sells the starter set on their website. (Pricey!)
I got mine at Hobby Haven in KC but it was the last one. They still have single use, but I don't think you're getting your moneys worth with expendible engines for that price. I'll see if they have any reload sets in stock next time I go.