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Sep 5, 2016
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Tulsa Oklahoma
Was hoping to make it to a large launch last weekend and pick over tubing from vendors for winter projects. Life got busy, and I was only able to attend a local, and of course no vendors.

So I'm ready to order a batch of tubing. Nothing big. Mostly 2" and maybe a 3" piece.
I've ordered from Loc, and Giant Leap. Can anyone give more suggestions. I'm in no hurry, just want to get it here so I and my sons can have it ready when we are able to build.
Apogee has a lot of options, balsa machining, always ready rocketry has blue tube. I think Estes has packs for low power as well.
Some of the Estes clearance kits are well worth it for the parts alone. Tubes, nose cones, centering rings, fins, etc.

(In addition to the vendors above)
Balsa machining, countyline hobbies , are two good sources
I've recently ordered from Balsa Machining (mostly LPR and MPR), Countyline (LOC), and Hobbylinc (LOC). Hobbylinc has lower prices, but the selection is limited. Countyline was during Mr. Bob's $5 shipping sale - ordered 2 x 5.38" tubes plus a payload and an electronics kit. (Build thread coming soon)

You might want to see who is going to have a Black Friday sale...

I've also ordered from Apogee, LOC, Rocketarium, eRockets, Madcow, and ASP. It's hard to go wrong with the quality vendors we have! At least the ones I've named.

My only thought is that you may want to stay with one mfg for whatever you order, to assure compatibility. Like all LOC if you are going HPR, or all Balsa Machining if LPR. Things generally interchange, but you've got a better shot at getting a good fit if you stay with one vendor.

or you could get a ream of cardstock paper and a glue stick from your favorite Office supply store and roll your own. I made a 2.7" dia by 11" long tube from a single sheet of 8.5"x11" cardstock, with some reinforcing doublers. That is the biggest diameter you can make from a single-seam single-sheet along the grain line which rolls easier without creasing, rolling along the other edge tends to crack the grain in the paper.
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I like the tubing Wildman has...
But then I only like building with fiberglass..
His tubing is light, straight, and very consistant piece to piece,, couplers as well...
And now he has those filament wound nose cones with the stepped tips,, that's icing on the cake for me,, lol...