Where to get Decals? Estes Comanche 3 #1382

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Jul 5, 2016
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I got a birthday present from my 5 year old daughter. An Estes Comanche 3 #7245. It was a rocket that in my childhood was always scared to buy, build and fly - for fear of getting out of sight. How she knew to pick this one, I dunno. But thank you!

I do not like this "re-make", or "re-launch" color scheme (neither does she). "Daddy, it needs to be orange, your favorite color!"

Looking online, I see the previous generation was that color.

Where can I get the decals for the older Comanche? Is there a 3rd party that will print them?

Thank y'all!

Yes, Tom was able to supply the Comanche decals! Purchased and awaiting them shipped. Very cool!