Where to fly?? Tallahassee/North Leon County? And how to Ask a Local Farmer??

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Feb 28, 2016
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Does anyone have any advice on where to fly rockets of the D/E/F and F&G composite motors class in the Tallahassee/North Leon County area?

I live in the north part of Leon County and shoot at the Coon Bottom Gun Club up north of here in the Concord area where there are several big farmer's fields and a sod farm outside Havana. All these look like great places to fly and actually gey my rockets back.

Any thoughts/experience on just knocking on someone's door to ask if you could fly there?

Anyone ever done that? If, so what kind of reception did you get? Get off my land or I'll call the Sheriff type of response? Or...?

Thanks for any advice or potential or actual places where people fly in this area.
You could start with doing some digging to see if any area farms have web sites then writing up a nice email and cut and paste it to each of the emails sent to the local farms with an online presence. I might go to a tractor supply store or some similar merchant that serves the local farming community and ask them if you can hang a flier in their shop advertising that you want to use their land to launch rockets. Are you part of a club? Can you form one? Land owners might be more receptive if a club approached them especially if they were to get local kids involved with a healthy pursuit of flying rockets.

Why not just join Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR)? They are in Jacksonville. If you did all you have to do is pay your dues and show up. It's a 2.5 hour drive each way but it's only once a month.
Hi. I am new to the area and I am also looking for close-by fields to fly without having to drive hours to a club meet. I do fly 1/2 A to J. Send me a pm if you want to touch base and try to find a place. May be put together a local Club.

Thank you

'm also in the area. I have access to 140 acres cleared to 2000 feet, sadly it's also heavily wooded. There is potential at some other property in south GA but haven't actually been out there to have a look as of yet.

One of the problems here with trying to organize something and keep it held together is the population is constantly turning over. Once you get outside of the universities It's actually a small town I don't think there's probably enough interest to support an official club independent of the schools. As for me I'm not a student and my activities are a bit outside the norm so I keep to myself. I will search out and see if anything is happening around here from time to time.
The Apalachee park (dump) just came to mind for some limited use although I'm not sure if it falls under acceptable use, the RC club uses it but is under a lease agreement.