Where to find your basic OOP kit decals these days?

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Tramper Al

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Dec 31, 2013
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I see that we lost the excellent Excelsior Decals while I was away, which is really a shame! Those OOP printers finally gave out, I guess.
I have been printing some decals on a basic office printer, mainly black and clear, and may try some in color soon. But they aren't nearly as nice as Excelsior's, of course I cannot print white at all, and there are some decals for which there just don't seem to be any scans available.
So where are you guys going these days for high quality water slide decals when you build a cool low/mid power clone like Colossus, Camroc Carrier, Challenger II, etc.?
Have you tried Tango Papa Decals?
Yes, thank you. You are right, Tango Papa has a pretty good selection, enough so that it will influence my cloning plans somewhat.
They do have Scamp aka Camroc Carrier and Colossus. Those are a couple of the ones I wish I had bought from Excelsior.
Still not finding decals like Challenger II (though black only), Delta (first version), or Astrocam (first or second).
Does Tango take requests/scans if he/she thinks there is a market for a particular decal?
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You might try contacting Gordon to see what he might have left of the Excelsior stock. He sometimes posts on YORF and the email he gave out there is

g a g n e l l o AT y a h o o DOT c o m
hit the folks up at stickershock and accru8. They might have them, or may be able to get you the next best thing.

I've used accur8 wraps and will use SS for my patriot after it get it's paint.

Hey that's John Pursley, longtime scale modeler extraordinaire. I saw those Interceptor wraps a while back but didn't look at the name at the bottom.