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May 2, 2009
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well, now that i'm an NAR member, i would like to get L1/2 certification. my cert rockets are nearly completed, they just need recovery systems and some paint touch up.

LUNAR, the closest chapter of the NAR doesn't have a field capable of launching L1 rockets until October...

TRIPOLI has launches at Black Rock, but it looks like i would need Certification B4 i would be allowed to fly.

BayNAR - doesn't have a field.

SARG - doesn't (seem to) exist anymore.

seems like the closest places might be Oregon or So. Cal.
Here's an option for you to consider, Elapid.

If you can get one NAR L2 member or two L1 members that are willing to witness your flight and sign off on it, you can find an appropriately sized field and get a NOTAM for it and fly your L1 rocket with a motor that has less than 4.4oz of propellant and the rocket weighs under 3.3 pounds. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this will work for you.

but...i don't really know anyone into rockets except from here...
Contact someone from LUNAR - ask them if anyone there would be willing to help you.

Originally posted by Elapid
TRIPOLI has launches at Black Rock, but it looks like i would need Certification B4 i would be allowed to fly.

I would see if you can contact anyone (via email) in that group & confirm that before giving up. Maybe you have to certify before they let you fly there regularly...but would let you do a certification attempt on your initial visit ;) Never hurts to ask!
I agree, talk to tripoli, they will probably let you cert there
i'll try!

i left a message with the lunar hotline...
we'll see what happens on that front.

in addition, i'll get ahold of the contact person for the upcoming launch to see if i can cert there as you suggest.

i'm amazed at what people will do if you just ask!
ROC Stock XIX is this weekend :) I think that is on the Lucerne Lake Bed (don't quote me though) Might look into it.

I found this on AERO-PAC web site. I think I am going to head up there and check it out. I'll try to take pictures if I make it.

June 19-20 MudRock 11.0 - Black Rock Desert
Waiver 100,000ft MSL (96,000 ft AGL)
Setup Thursday 17th.
Night launch with 4,000 ft (AGL) waiver, J motors and under, for Saturday night June 19. All HPR rockets must carry visible strobes.
Please sign up for launch duty.
$30 per person to launch
$5 per day for everyone else

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