Where can I get custom tubes like Bt-58

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Nov 25, 2004
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I am horrable at cutting tubes and am looking for a source of a large order to rebuild some kits. i'm having a heck of a time finding places to to get a BT-63CJ and no place to bink a BT-58. Any ideas for the newbie?
--Scott (desperate newbie)
Have you tried Totally Tubular? A large number of the vendors and kit makers use them for both large and small orders, and they've got just about every size/thickness known to man, and some as yet unknown to man.

the bt 63 was very rarely used .. the only place I can remember was on the space cruiser/excaliber(?) as the ring that surrounded the cluster of motor tubes... that could easily be cut from a larger tube
BT-63 is a rare duck at 1.681" O.D

The BT-58 (1.54").D.) is the Service Module tube for the Saturn V an IS available from Estes as:

part number BT58SV6 or

part number 30466

This is from the Saturn V kit.

You should have ordered it when you got your capsule kits.:rolleyes:
Semroc sells an ST-16 body tube that is close, with an OD of 1.640". Wonder if this is close enough :confused:

There's also the ST-150, with an OD of 1.590".
Based upon what I've read here and in other posts, it sounds like you may be creating designs in Rocsim and then trying to build them. If that's the case, then you may want to tailor your future designs to more standard sizes. Just because it's in the RSim database doesn't mean it's readily available. I ran into that problem when I found online a file for a SM-2 missile, then discovered that it required BT-70's. Fortunately, I found that Jim Flis had some that I bought as part of a larger assortment (hey, no such thing as too many tubes!).

When downscaling/upscaling, builders will frequently use a rather odd-looking multiplier for their scale factor in order to get a result that matches the available BT sizes.

Originally posted by stymye
the bt 63 was very rarely used .. the only place I can remember was on the space cruiser/excaliber(?) as the ring that surrounded the cluster of motor tubes... that could easily be cut from a larger tube

Wasn't the BT-63 also used on the original Saturn V model as the holder tube for the cluster motor mount. I seem to recall that the kit (later upgraded with a D motor mount) had a 3-18mm cluster mount in a 2.75" BT-60 that slide *into* a BT-63...
Thats it! I definately need the BT-58. You hit the nail on the head. Both of those tubes (as well as others) come from the K-36. I would love to find them as I found an incomplete kit at a garage sale. It was missing a lot of tubes and I tried Estes and didn't have much luck so I checked all the other part sites. The K-36 was my dream when I was 10 but had no money. then when I did have money no more K-36 and no eBay. I wanted that 3 engine booster! It was the ultimate to a kid! Anyone have any of those tubes laying around for sale? I'm trying to assemble a good general part surplus.
I have a list I can email if you have some parts you liked to get rid of.
Thanks for the info! Honestly I have never met a greater bunch of people! It's been humbling. I owe a lot of you. My hope is someday to be able to pass on the vast knowledge you are giving to me.
Thank you!
--Scott (the newbie)
Well if all else fails and you REALLY want these tubes it is possible to purchase them from the Manufacturer the supplies both Estes and Totally tubular. the trick is you'll be getting at very least a minimum run of tubes, depending on the size that could be as little as 30 or 40 to as many as 200. This will also depend on weather or not a standard mandrel exists for the tube you are looking for. If not there is a minimium 300.00 set up fee, plus the cost of the run.
Personally I'd go for rolling your own if your only talking about a single piece for a specific model. If you'd Really like to persue having a batch run, send me a PE I'll give you the contact info.
The BT-64JC is designed so that the I.D. is the same as the O.D. of the BT-60 tube.

To "make" a BT-63JC take a section of BT-80 (2.60" O.D.) and slit it, wrap it around a BT-60 (this is your cluster tube) and mark rhe overlap, cut it again and butt glue the edge together.

It should fit into the included centering ring in your K-36 kit.

This will allow you to interchange the motor mount from a 3 X "C" cluster back to a "D".

You will never see it once it's glued into the model anyway.

If all else fails PM me and I can make it for you.

You should be able to get the BT-58 right from Estes...I have!
Thanks for all the info. I am getting the numbers not from RockSim (well in one case I was) but in every other case it's been from an estes kit sheet. Both the 58 and 63 are from the K-36 Saturn V kit made in the 70's. I'm trying to finish after finding it at a garage sale.
I've been talking to estes and will talk to them after holidays. They are very nice down there but would rather that i buy parts from their vendor whenever possible. Understandable but as i mentioned in the beginning I am terrible at cuttting tubes and hate having to buy a large assortment package just to get one part. I'm not putting them down in any way. they have beeen SUPPER in their support to me!!! Nothing but good things to say about them. I have no doubt they'll help me if they have the part. Just thought someone else might have a couple of these tubes laying around <LOL>
--Scott (the newbie)
P.S. Flew another spool today! Those are so much fun. don't know why! Maybe because I like watching those AOL CD's finally getting some use! : )
Thanks everybody!

Hold everything!

Ther BT-58 is easier to get than any of us first thought!:eek:

It's the body tube (Yes a BT-58!) for the new Estes Gauchito! I got one for Chjristmas and just opened it!

Actually...if you have a plastic parts set from a Saturn V kit you have the makings of a Little Joe II!