Where can I get a purple parachute???

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Dec 14, 2010
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Anyone know where I can get a high quality HPR purple parachute?:confused: I need one approximately 48" - 54" in size. I perused several websites where components were sold, but did not see any purple chutes.
Thanks in advance!
Originally posted by murrill
Anyone know where I can get a high quality HPR purple parachute?John

Have you tried Spherachutes? They make to order.
Here's another plug for a local guy. Check out Spectrachutes, Alan's a good guy and makes a nice 'chute. Make sure to check the sizing description/chart, these are a little bigger than you might expect from the size.
I could see if JoANN fabrics has purple.... I dont think they do, but if they do, I could proabably make one to your specs. I would reccomend Topflight or something, though. I dont think I have ever seen purple where I get my ripstop. Why do you want purple, if I may inquire? Red is quite nice, and shows up exelent against any sky. PML makes purple/white chutes. ONe panele white, 1 panel purple ETC. I pretty much sell my chutes at CMASS, thats where people actually notice me. I fly a rocket with one in it, I get a small crowd by my range blanked and I make a few good bucks, and get the pleasure of seeing happy people recovering rockets with my chutes! Win-win!

Topflight is good, though. And they have prices just over mine (or just below, I forget....) B2 rocketry also makes em, and I hear a lot of good comments about Spherachutes.
Paratech does do VERY pricey but incredibly custom work...

They donated a "Complete Professional Sounding Rocket Recovery System" to the Save Rocketry Now Raffle...price tag:$12,000.... :eek:

I still have, as of yet, to figure out what this all entails, but will let you know when I find out...
I received a purple parachute with my 3" BullPup from Public Enemy Rockets. You may want to contact them and see if they'll sell you a chute only. Heck, while you're there, you might as well buy one of their kits too. They've got some really nice quality kits.