When Your Child Tells You They Are Being Bullied.

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Feb 24, 2009
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I'll tell you what my dad told me.

If this is at school, tell your child to talk to the teacher (you might want to too) and tell him/her whats going on. If that doesn't resolve the issue then take it to the principal If that doesn't resolve it by then stand up for yourself and let the bullyer know you won't stand for it.

I actually had a situation where that was necessary. I had this kid in second grade that would not leave me alone. I did what my dad had said going to the teacher first and then the principal but he wouldn't stop. He would just do it when they were'nt looking. One day I had enough, on the way back from reces I confronted him and told him that I was done taking crap from him. He proceeded to get into my face when I gave him a nice swift knee to the groin. I turned and walked away and I never had a problem out of him again.

Thats my 2 cents anyway
Any Idea or any suggestions

How old is the child? That will have a LOT to do with what's an appropriate response.

With respect to the Iceman's comments, what someone could do even 10 or 15 years ago is not necessarily a wise choice of action, today.

Today, based upon the lawsuits, parents clamoring for equal protection, lawmakers who want to crack down on all things evil, etc. etc. schools have very little leeway in how they handle things like the physical assault Iceman mentions. While it may have been satisfying for his soul, today if that knee to the groin had been witnessed, either live by a staff/faculty/adult or on the surveillance cameras that most schools have (theywould have been checked after he squeeled on Iceman to his momma, or daddy, or who knows who...), Iceman would probably have immediately been suspended for a three day period, then placed in an alternative disciplinary campus after a third-party disciplinary hearing. He'd also likely get a citation from the campus police officer for 'disorderly conduct-fighting', and possibly an aggravated assault charge if the bully busted a testicle or needed any other type of medical attention.

Crazy? Yeah, considering that most of us over 25 lived with fights and bullys and took care of it ourselves and no one really got hurt, but today it's a "Zero Tolerance" world. Mandatory punishments with no wiggle room for an administrator to apply common sense.

So, if your child is old enough to know better than to fight, he/she (and you) should consider the possible consequences before considering physically responding. Sometimes it's worth it. Most of the time, in my experience, it's not.

In any event, you and your child need to talk with the principal of the school - don't start with the teacher - there's little a teacher can do unless they're in elementary school and both in the same class. Then, the conference is with the principal and the teacher, and you and the child.

There are several interventions that can be taken - it just depends on your child's age and school and district policies. But, the key to getting something done is to let the principal know that you expect your child to go to a school in a district that does not tolerate harassment of any sort and if he/she is unable or unwilling to provide that environment for your child, the district's administration can probably help.... would you like to call them now?

That give you any worthwhile suggestions?
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