What's your favorite song?

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Anything off their "IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR" album....eh disk

I just listened to it again and I can't pick just one:D
Coincidentally I got a hankering earlier in the week for Zep and pulled out "Presence". Really enjoyed "Achilles Last Stand" in headphones. Too many favorite songs by too many artists to list.
Hope to work in some launches this weekend between prepping Living Room/Hall for painting. If those darn football and soccer squads get offa the fields! Cheers!


In progress: Fliskits "Long Overdue"
I usually listen to rap, though i just got a linkin park cd... I would have to say either numb or in the end by Linkin Park.
Edgar Winter's Frankenstein - only VERY LOUD! Can't have it loud enough!

Great vocals! :p :D

And anything from Rush!
Depends entirely on my mood and whim...

Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

or Annwn, Beneath the Waves by Faith and the Muse
Originally posted by huxley
And anything from Rush!

Ditto :D I just saw them last month in Tampa, FL on their (egad!) 30th anniversary tour. *Unbelievable* show (& it was the 8th or 9th time I've ever seen them)...
wow, lots...

"House of stone and light" (martin page)

Scarborough fair (simon and garfunkle)

"Save a horse, ride a cowbow" (big & rich)

"remember when" (Alan Jackson)

"Hot rod lincoln" (commander cody)

more when I can think of them... :)
Pigs (3 different ones) by Pink Floyd.

Can't play it loud enough.

Anything else by Floyd is a *close* second.

tough one...

If I had to pick one song it would probably be "Back in Black" by AC/DC.

or "Texas Flood" by Stevie Ray Vaughan

or "Don't want to know if you are lonely" by Husker Du

or "Hot Rod Lincoln", but I prefer Junior Brown's rendition Jim...

....can't pick just one...
Stairway to heaven-Led Zepplin
American Pie-Don Mclain
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Anything by Pink Floyd or Steely Dan
Gotta go with RUSH. Today it's Vapor Trails.

Although.... I can't seem to get Dean Martin's "Aint that a Kick in the Head" out of my head.

John (not Jon) Arthur

"lost in the supermarket" by the Clash.

"5:15" by the Who..

Actually, anythign by the Who, and by teh Clash... Kinda hard to nail down

Stariway to heaven ranks as my least favorite (so much so, that i will change teh station / walk away from wherever it is playing. I guess I've heard it once too many times! Even the version with Frank Zappa singing it..
"Even Better than the Real Thing," U2.

The theme song of scale launches worldwide!!

Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watchtower. The best rock song ever!

Led Zeppelin: Since I've been Loving You is a close second.

Also like Cream, Floyd, Who, and all that late 60's / early 70's classic rock.
Dream Theater - either Pull Me Under or Metropolis Part I - the Miracle and the Sleeper.
Anything by Eric Clapton, just got Cream of Clapton and it's amazing. Most notably Layla (best rock song of all time!) and Lay Down Sally.

More Than a Feeling - Boston

Thunderstruck or Hells Bells - ACDC

Wait and Bleed - Slipknot
Oh - also Disposable Heroes by Metallica. Big fan of James Taylor, too, especially Carolina in My Mind. Probably because my wife's name is Carolina...
'Kung Fu Fighting' by Carl Douglas

Oh-oh-oh-oh...Everybody was Kung Fu fighting:D
No such thing as a favorite song for me, there's just too many.
I'm a big fan of Fuel. So pretty much anything by them: Innocent, Hemmorhage, Bad Day, Shimmer.......
It depends whether I'm listening or singing.

If listening, a short list includes:
Joga - Bjork
Missing Words - The Selecter
Gorecki's 3rd
Like a prayer - Madonna
I only want to be with you - The Tourists
Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins

If singing, it's definately "I need you around" by the Smoking Popes.
Originally posted by Ozymandias
Mine is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin. What's your's?

Have you heard the Senor Coconut version? It's not to be missed.
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
Have you heard the Senor Coconut version? It's not to be missed.
I'm sure its better than the Rolf Harris version. The Dread Zepplin version is well worth a go, but avoid the Leningrad Cowboy's version like the plague.