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Oct 21, 2014
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I have a very eclectic taste in music but I really like metal. My favorite metal band would have to be Lamb of God. I also like jazz (especially jazz fusion) and classical. What about you guys?
Rock 'n Roll - classic (I am gettin' on), southern, although I like most of it; Floyd, CCR, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, the list goes on and on

Country - what a mix eh? twangier the better; Shania, Willy Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Garth, Merle...lon list here too

Blues - mostly electric; SRV, BB King, Thunderbirds, Clapton (fits in above too); shorter list

Other stuff too....

Just what popped into mind.

Dark Side of the Moon is the best album ever made!
Originally posted by Ozymandias
I have a very eclectic taste in music but I really like metal. My favorite metal band would have to be Lamb of God. I also like jazz (especially jazz fusion) and classical. What about you guys?

Hank Williams was on Prairie Home Companion once. He said something along the lines that "A true musician appreciates good music, no matter what 'kind' of music it is." And then he proceeded to play a Blondie song (at the time, somewhere between punk and new wave). I'm with Hank on that.

I took my son Orion to a Mannheim Steamroller concert. He was, at the time, writer and rhythm guitar player for a metal band. We enjoyed the whole thing, but at the end, they started to play some Tchiakovsky. Then this head banger next to me who sat quietly all this time suddenly says "Now THAT'S what I call music!". I think that's what Hank meant.

I'll try to listen to anything. If it grabs my attention, especially as something I'd like to play, I'll listen to it. If it's done well, particular if it's musically proficient, I'll probably like it. If it stirs something up in me, I'll definitely like it (three such favorites: Fanfare for Common Man, USAF Band version; opening theme from "Enterprise"; Pink FLoyd's "Learning to Fly"). This, IMO, is what music is for. I mean, I hardly even conside rap/hip hop to be "music", but I'm sure it reaches inside someone and does something to them, so that's music for them.

For background noise for driving, if I'm not listening tp the news, I'll listen to the hardest rock I can find, because hey, sometimes you just gotta rock. I guess since I hear fewer hard rock songs than any other kind of music that I'd prefer not to hear again, that'd make it my favorite kind.
Indie Rock! But TBH I listen to anything that takes my fancy....just most of seems to be that.
Lately it's been some much ignored stuff from guys whose music always seemed to land them just outside the traditional classic rock/metal scenes. Robin Trower, UFO, Frank Zappa, Cheap Trick and Utopia are what I've been listening to of late, but I also like a lot of early 80's AOR artists and bands who never even made it to the "One Hit Wonder" category like Gary O, The Hawks, The Sherbs, The Spys, The Tarney Spencer Group, and The Angels (aka Angel City.) I bought an XM radio a couple of years back and I've discovered a lot of new bands and rediscovered a lot of old bands as a result of it.
I listen to almost anything, but I'm not really a fan of country, most hip hop, techno, or anything labeled "dance". Beyond that, I'm fairly wide open. I have a tape somewhere that I made that has Metallica on one side, and Charlie Parker on the other. I once bought tickets to the Cleveland Symphony shile wearing a Megadeth T-shirt...
My collection also encompasses Abba to Zappa with a sprinkling of classical in there as well. I also appreciate the rural 30s and 40s blues folks (rev Gary Davis for example) Sometimes the power of a voice and guitar alone can be awesome like Dylan or if you can't stomache Dylans voice Phil Ochs. Texas Swing: Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.Of course our classics such as Pink Floyd, Zep, WHO, Stones. 70s heavy metal Sabbath, Deep Purple's Machine Head is one of my top 10 albums of all time. Also the songwrites of the 20th century such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin (White Christmas). Glam rock: Bowie, T Rex, Bebop Deluxe, Slade, Cheap Trick. Have pretty much everything by Todd with and without Utopia. Just saw him last May. His "Liars" album and tour were powerful. While I don't prefer Rap I'm getting used to it (I did a job for DEFJAM and they tossed me their Box Set as a bonus) I can't deny some guys like EMINEM are really talented. I could go on and on and on but gotta go. Happy Friday all!

Geddy and the Boys.

Also, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Supertramp, and all Blues. But, the last album I bought, and what I've geen listening to the most lately is:


He's so coooooool!

John (not Jon) Arthur

sounds like a candy bar!

[rainman voice] gotta be, gotta be tull... gotta be jethro tull...jethro tull [/rainman]
I like guitar rock

Pat Travers
Kim Mitchell
Michael Shenker
Dream theater
Blackmore....and so on
Personally, my favorite is baroque classical. Especially J.S. Bach.
But I also like (at times) 80's pop, Swing, and CCM (Christian Contemporary).
I can tolerate (for short periods) country and rock.
I don't tolerate (for more than a minute or two) rap or metal. I'll either quietly leave, or politely ask if someone can change the station/CD, or simply turn it down to a semi-ignorable level.

Okay, so I go against the grain of this thread.

Like others here, my tastes vary widely.
But I tend to gravitate toward singer-songwriters.
Richard Thompson is heads and shoulders above all others in this category, but gets little airplay outside of public radio.
I'm perturbed at times at the way radio gives such short shrift to musicians who cut their chops in the '70s, but get no air for their new stuff because they're considered "oldies acts."
Guys like James Taylor, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen have done some of their finest work after being abandoned by the FM stations. All you hear on the radio are their 20-year-old songs that lack the maturity and depth of their more recent stuff.
OK, off the soapbox now.

(PS- A great new band I recently discovered is James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards. "Live in Aught-Three" is amazing fun. Anybody else know them?)

I mostly like Southern gospel music, especially the male quartets. Faves include current groups such as The Dove Brothers, Melody Boys, Florida Boys, Gold City, etc; and old-time groups such as The Statesmen, Blue Ridge Quartet, and the Cathedrals.

I also like country and western gospel, but it's hard to find these days.

And I like comedy stuff -- Spike Jones, Homer & Jethro, Weird Al, Dr. Demento.
I have a quite ecelectic tastes in music, but I draw the line at Country & Western.

Mostly I listen to Punk and Ska/Dub Reggae: The Toy Dolls, The Bus Station Loonies, The Specials, Scientist, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Madness, Subhumans, The Clash, Half Man Half Buscuit .... the list could go on .... ;)
Originally posted by cydermaster
I have a quite ecelectic tastes in music, but I draw the line at Country & Western.

Cyder, I'm hurt. ;)

I was brought up listening to Marty Robbins and John Denver, and have since progressed to Garth Brooks and Clint Black.

I also like Meat Loaf, Jim Steinman, The Beautiful South and Pink Floyd (thanks to Starbug subjecting me to them non-stop when we first met).

And if Ronan Keating murders any more Garth Brooks songs, I'm gonna cry! :mad:
Almost anything in which the lyrics do not allude to violence toward law enforcement, women, or anyone else I was raised to respect. In other words, gangsta rap. I don't buy this as "street poetry."

I mean, I have Dvorak's New World Sympnony on the same CD as my Charlie Daniels Favorite...

Not real keen on J.S. Bach though...
Originally posted by cydermaster
I draw the line at Country & Western.

"Oh, we have ~both~ kinds of music- Country and Western!"

/ob Blue's Brothers line :)

I can usually listen to anything (except C&W). However,
I'm almost to the point of giving up on commercial FM rock.

Lately, I've been listening to independant streaming Alternative
Rock from all over the world. Ain't the Internet a wonderful thing?
Originally posted by daveyfire
Everything I like:


Wow that was too easy :p
I love KCRW. I listen online everyday. I used to listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic on my way to school. I try to listen to Metropolis on the weekdays. That's great studying music. I can't wait until I go back home so I can listen to it on the radio again.
This is a tough one. Not because I listen to a lot of stuff, but because I have so much stuff I like. I can report with authority that it is possible to blow those entry level Creative Labs stereo speakers and your sound card by playing Bach's Tocatta & Fugue at unreasonable volumes. Ever had a metal head complain your music was too loud?

Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Crosby Stills & Nash, Sweetwater, Led Zepplin, Rammstein, ZZ Top, Brahms, Tchaikovsky [Can never spell that name right]..

But normally I find myself listening to odd things such as Dr. Demento, Weird Al Yankovich, Music to Shave Hamsters By [German Techno compiliation], Trance, and Ibeza.

Of course, with how extensive my music collection is, I rarely hear the same song twice in two months [Huge playlist].

Harm none,

Blues. From Lightnin' Hopkins to Satriani. (If you like the Blues, you don't need an explanation.)

Pink Floyd is - *by far*, hands down, and without any further question - the best "rock" band. Ever. PERIOD.

I'm partial to Animals and A Saucerful of Secrets as their top albums or complete conceptual recordings. However, their top ranked "songs" (or more aptly, I say "recorded pieces") in my opinion are: 1) "Mother" - The Wall; 2) "Pigs (3 Different Ones)" - Animals; 3) "Time" - Dark Side of the Moon
I like

Rock-The Beatles, Tom Petty, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix
Raggae- Bob Marley
Blues-Stevie Ray Vaughan

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