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Apr 22, 2009
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After this weekend's loss of a field that was about 25 minutes away and easily capable of 2500ft+ flights, we are now forced to look elsewhere. The closest established club that flies HPR is now on the east coast which is about 3.5 hours (unless I'm unaware of someplace closer). This kinda puts me in a quandry because I do not realistically see driving 7hrs round trip every month to launch a few HPR birds. We do have a small park that is perfect for D and E motor flights (no wind), but I wouldn't dare light up a F/G composite in there. This brings me to my point - how far do you drive to fly rockets or participate in a club launch?
I voted for the closer of my 2 launch sites, which is about 40 minutes away. It's only good for smaller stuff, though. The larger birds have to go out to the desert, which is about 2 1/2 hours away (which didn't appear on your list of choices anywhere).

We don't qualify for the poll, we're >2 but <3 from three clubs, METRA, NEPRA and MDRA.......so we can't pariticipate :-(
My launch site is about 30-40 minutes away. Did not know what to vote for so I just voted the first. I mean, it is definately not "bikeable." You would probably get killed doing that. Haha. You have to ride down the side of the highway for about 15 miles...although I can see me now....

(Eighteen wheeler....thats the end of that....)
My NAR site is ~45 min away, MDRA is 1hr 15min to 1 hr 45min depending on which of the 4 great sites we're using. I guess my average is over 1 hr so that's how I voted. Can't count away cells...er...away launches.
I had clicked the 2hr. 'no biggie' button, but the submit button was too close
to the last option for my itchy-trigger mouse... Sorry to skew your poll results....

That said-

I live within walking distance of the corner park (good for A/B flights, maybe heavy C).

I drive about 1 hour to my son's monthly NAR section launches.

I have driven 1:20+/- to HERC. :) and 2hrs to NEFAR and AeroRocketry @ Peace River,
and <3 hrs to SRA. Heck, I even drove 12 hours to NARAM-46 this summer (maybe the
weekend button was correct).

This summer during our 'TOUR de Florida', my son & I drove to several launches
in one month. How many drive hours does that count towards?

Do I qualify for the 'you might be a rocket maniac...' thread again?
but for the big stuff, it's a 4 hour drive to BlackRock.

what a cool place to fly, though!
The Amesbury field is about 45 minute drive for me... however, the time it takes to load my car... I wish I could sleep in :).
Our summer field is around 20 minutes away. Our winter HPR field around 90 min. If I want to fly HPR in the warm months, about 2hr to METRA.

I do fly my Birdie and my Snitch in the back yard....
I'm lucky to have found NOVAAR.60 mph to the interstate and 70 on it.25 minutes max.It ain't no bike ride or leisurly walk though.
I actually have the use of two launch sites.

One is on a hay farm just down the road from where I live and that's where I fly all my Estes stuff. I think it might be big enough for E and F and maybe small G MPR but I've never tried it other than burning 24mm APCP motors in my oddrocs. I can always get there in less than 5 minutes.

I also have my club launch site which is undeveloped residental property out in La Belle FL, a small country town and it takes me about 30-35 minutes to get out there and back depending on traffic. That's where I fly all my MPR and HPR birds.:D
The trip from L.A. to Lucerne and back is about 300 miles. It's a little bit of a drive but it's well worth it to burn the big motors.
I need to select options 1, 2, 3 or 4, depending on which launch I'm going to.
Im not sure guys but I think our launch site at La Belle is closer then your east coast launch site. From what I can tell its about 2.5 hours from Tampa to La Belle. You might want to check it out.

Originally posted by Dbarrm
Im not sure guys but I think our launch site at La Belle is closer then your east coast launch site. From what I can tell its about 2.5 hours from Tampa to La Belle. You might want to check it out.


Dan, if you could post a link to the club's website I would appreciate it. Even at 2.5hrs I don't know that I would make that a monthly trip.

Interesting responses. Sounds like people are all over the board on this one! :)
The site is in need of updating but that is due to Hurricane Charlie last I know. the guy who does the site said he lost his high speed internet and wasent going to do any updates until then. Ill try to find out more.

Florida Gulf Coast Tripoli

Interesting poll :)

I decided on #4 but, as Hokky has already suggested, I could have put 2 - 5 inclusive. Here in the UK the distances to the main group launches are small compared to the US but our crowded roads and lack of direct routes means some long journeys. In the 90's when rocketry was still rare in the UK I had to drive about 5 hours down to SERFs meetings - and home again the same day. But it was worth it !

Fortunately there are several venues now. My local model site is about an hour away (though it's only 20 miles) and 2 hours gets me to most of the others.

Just a thought ... when folks talk about the cost of HPR do they factor in the price of a large estate car (station wagon) or 4x4 to carry your rockets :D
I didn't vote anything in the poll, which one would I pick:

- walking distance to the park for As & Bs
- used to be 10 minutes to the closest NAR section, on hiatus
- 40 minutes each way to an awesome local NAR section
- 2 hours each way to a wintertime (rainy season) HPR section
- 3 hours each way to TCC
- 5 hours each way to Black Rock a couple times a year
- 8 hours each way - 820 miles! - to Lucerne every month
- 12 hours each way for Plaster Blaster!!!

am I nuts or what?!
I should have added an option that reads: "Makes no difference. Plenty of fields to choose from."

I guess the question was aimed at targeting the most common drive a rocketeer would make. Although most may have multiple options, during the course of the year which trip is the most frequent and how long does it take?
basically we walk outside, get far enough away from the house so I don't have to turn in any insurance claims and we're set!!
Oh and we have to make sure we don't scare the neighbors cows. so far it hasn't been a problem, the cows actually line up along the fence and watch us!
For LPR's the park where we fly is about twenty minutes away.
Some say you can fly up to a G there but I'm not so sure that I'd fly any thing over an E.
The big fields that our club has access to are about two hours away. We have handeled M launches there and launch J's and K's regularly.
There are also a couple of other clubs in the area and the fields are about three to four hours away, still considered a one day trip. That includes Argonia Kansas (of Rocket Challenge and LDRS fame) from the Kansas City area.
Well for club launches I've had to drive about 3 hours one way.
But now there's a club in Birmingham that should only be about 2 hours, if I ever get to go. I haven't been able to go to a club launch since the AL TDD (March?) because of my wifes work schedule.

But I can fly to about 500' in my yard, and I can go to a field a few miles from here to fly to about 1500', or I can go to my dad's about 45 minutes away to fly to about 2000'.
But I'm usually alone when I go to these sites, and I'd much rather fly with a club.

I have a 15 min drive to the field that is used for Club Launches that have had a few M flights. If I don't want to find my LPR's in the soybeans then I will drive 20 min. to my church. I can launch up to a E there.
About 5minutes away from our club's Rainhill site.

And about 30mins away from the other site :D

But I have alot of neighbouring , decent size parks around my area within a 3mile radius :D Jammy I know.............
I can open the gate in my back yard and walk about 200 yards to a soccer field in the park adjoining my house... it's about 150 yards square, but surrounded by tall trees on all sides. :eek: :eek:

If I watch how the wind is blowing, I can shoot A's and B's there. Haven't tried a C yet, except on a real heavy model...

Anything more than that, gotta load up the war wagon. Working on a field for D's (about 400 yards square) about 10-15 minutes' drive away. To go higher, we gotta get out of town...
3 Spots all under an hour drive

1. Michigan International Speedway Good thru a High "J" Motor 10000 Waiver.

2. Jackson Community College Good thru a Low "F"

3. My Brother in Laws 45 Acres Good for just about anything.

There also is a place called "Gumberts Farm" a little over an hour. Have never flown there but its bigger than Michigan International Speedway.