whats up with the LDRS website?

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May 10, 2011
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For some reason I cant seem to get to the LDRS 23 website. Is theres something wrong with it? I need to get my registration forms printed out to get the lower price.

Has anyone else noticed problems with this site?:confused:

Thanks. -Neil
I noticed this also, and this reminds me I need to make reservation as well as sign up...thanks
Try it again. If it still works, canya email me the form?;) :p

Caus it aint workin for me!:rolleyes:
It was working for me b4, i just was on it a few days ago but now its not. if you try agian latter it might work... any way i already have the .pdf of the registration form. i atached it so all should be able to get it:)
Thanks! im printing it out now...:cool: Oh man I cant wait.....:D
As they say in Maine...

"Ya cant get theah from heah"
The webmaster was out of town - things are up and running again. Please contact me directly if you have any problems and I will be pleased to assist in any way I can.

Murray Lampert
BRS LDRS 23 Committee
Well, you might know the awnser to *THIS* one....

I heard that you can camp out, but you cant camp in a tent. I dont really see the reasoning with this, but rules are rules.... So can my dad and I sleep in the back of a pickup truck, or out under the stars?:D (not joking here) I dont want to miss one nano second of this launch... canya tell?:D

Any chance of changing the rules so you CAN sleep in a tent?:eek: :rolleyes:
I guess the main problem is that there will be no real facilities for tent campers. That might be why they are recomending self contained campers.
Dont they have porta potties!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

How are ya supposta pee if there are no bushes for miles, no trees for miles, and no Mcdonalds resteraunts for miles!?!!?!??!?!?!

If someone brought a camper with a good toilet and charged people a quarter for every trip to the bathroom, they would make a fortune!!!

They better have porta potties....:kill: :eek: :mad: Or at least a valley or two....:rolleyes: :kill: :eek:

wait a sec.... Theres a river there, right?;) :D
Wait a sec... Mebbe I interpreted that wrong... Do they not have prota potties, or do they not have a campground?

All we need for a tent is a space on the ground...:rolleyes:
Jeez... I will be going to NY next year. If I could go, i'd sleep in the car.

Just stand behind the car and do your thing, works for me at the launches.

Well, how many people are at YOUR launches?:eek:

I expect there are a lot less at your normal launches than at LDRS....:eek: People everywhere!

They better have a porta potty....:kill: :eek: :rolleyes: :p
There is word that the only on-site living at LDRS is in a camper. No tents allowed. Not sure if that answers the porto-john situation, however with Newtons3rd rocketry on the loose, I'd be scared to get in one. I just remember the flying outhouse on Rocket Challenge.