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Apr 6, 2004
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Hey everyone. Has anyone had any trouble receiving an order from BSD lately? I ordered another Sprint from them and its been almost 5 weeks since then. I Know they had problems with their email so thats no good and the contact number is disconnected. Last time I oredered from them i received my oreder in about 5 business days. Anybody know whats up with them or maybe I was shamboozled.(Of course the check was cashed).:mad:
I certainly hope nothing's wrong. I'm planning to get a Thor for my L2 project. Their website seemed to make reference to some shipping problems earlier...
I placed an order on March 8th and still have no merchandise. I got a few e-mails saying it would be shipped but so far nothing. I've called and left messages and e-mailed. I'm going to resort to contacting paypal soon.

Edward :(
There is a thread on RMR about BSD. No solid info, and the consensus is that they have gone missing.
Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
There is a thread on RMR about BSD. No solid info, and the consensus is that they have gone missing.

As per their web site, they've had a problem with email, specifically being spam bombed. They may have missed emails.

But as per their web site, they have a phone number and a mailing address. I would hope lots of people wouldn't call them just to find out what's up, but if some people have paid and not received product, it'd be worth a try to call or write them.
I have called them and left three messages about my order and left my phone number. Not one call back - usually I resort to calls when e-mails don't work, but when calls don't work then I don't know what. Probably snail-mail.

I reported my transactions to Paypal since that is how I "was taken".

Oh well: one out of about 50 other purchases isn't so bad....
I know they are having spam problems with their email so that is pretty much useless, and their contact number says disconnected or it just keeps ringing. Its a shame if they fell into misfortune but dont diss your clients without wrning. Its only the cost of the rocket which wont kill me, but I dont like getting taken for just like the next guy. Its safe to say BSD,if not already done, will lose alot of business. Great tactics gueys.....:mad:
I'm also going the BBB route, and paypal for my money back. I hate to do this, I really like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but after phone calls and leaving my number I would really appreciate one back to reassure me on the situation. Bad news is better than no news.

Thanks lalligood for the info. As long as I know ill eventually get my goods. I hope everyhing is well for BSD
Just heard from Mark at BSD. seems that he had falling into some serious health issues. He assured me that all orders not filled will be shipped out this week.
Well, here we are 2 weeks after I was assured by Mark that kits would be sent out and still no rocket. Has anyone received there order yet? Ive waited liong enough. Might have to report it to pay pal.
is more important than his health...
might as well ruin his chances to keep his business also...right?
kick him while he's down!

i guess that's the american way...
Originally posted by Elapid
is more important than his health...
might as well ruin his chances to keep his business also...right?
kick him while he's down!

i guess that's the american way...
Sorry, I don't see it that way. I've bought from BSD in the past. I'm a very satisfied BSD customer however, if BSD doesn't communicate with their customers, regardless of the circumstances, then they deserve whatever ire their customers serve up. If Mark told people that the product will ship then the customer has every right to expect that it will be shipped and justifiably be ticked when it doesn't. If BSD doesn't survive this mishap then they have nobody to blame but themselves.
Thanks for the backup there Mark. I dont know about you Elapid, but I dont just give my money away. Bsd came into hard times and thats understandable. But dont go and say everything is fine now and your order is on the way. If there is a problem then fine, but dont blow smoke up my a**. They had no problem cashing the check right away though....
This problem is analogous to "the separation of church and state." Rocketeers afford each other respect because of our comradery. We all want to be sympathetic. Once money is introduced, respect generally goes wayward unless the transaction occurs as it should or if the vendor reciprocates that respect.

Whether injury, act of god, fire, rainstorm, snowstorm, what have you, any person in any kind of trouble should be capable enough to entrust someone else to either run the business or at least get the word out. At least the respect portion remains intact and the honesty never comes into question. Timing is everything. Unfortunately for BSD they delayed much too long in letting everyone know that a problem existed. IMO, the damage has been done. Hopefully it will not take an insurmountable effort to patch up the reputation. I would certainly like to own a BSD Sprint or THOR someday. Both appear to be fine vehicles.
I guess my biggest concern is the attitude of "being taken" as if something was done on purpose..

I really don't think that's the issue.. have some mistakes been made.. ???

Well I guess those of you who know the complete and whole story from both sides can make that determination, as of yet I don't think any of you do..

From what I do know I think Mark and his one man business are doing the best that he can do to get things back up and going, being down to the use of one hand and arm, not to mention the fact that he has a real family to support and a real job probably lend to making that difficult..

I guess I can look at it several ways, one being with this internet world of everything being instant, an internet site being down an hour is similar to a real flesh and blood business being down a day, how many times has this very site been down 24+ hours??

I am a very loyal person and really feel a strong loyalty toward BSD as I feel I've gotten to know the owner at least a little bit and have my own opinion that he is a stand up guy and will get things straightened out just as soon as he possibly can...

On the other hand I enjoy this forum and feel a loyalty toward the members of this forum as well, and can see your points to a degree.

Other BSD threads have mentioned that a business should have and i quote from memory, "redundant, redundant backups".

I guess Aero Tech didn't have "redundant, redundant backups"

This site obviously didn't have redundant, redundant backups when it's been down on numerous occasions, oh but that's right it's not a business, true, but neither is BSD really in the big picture.

It's a one man shop in all actuality trying to do us a favor by making some pretty **** nice kits available to all of us, if you think he's really making money ask some of the others in the business..

One of the reasons Paypal and credit cards are nice, regardless of where fault of blame lies if you don't get your product/service/whatever... you can get your money back.

For those of you with no way to recoup money spent I do believe Mark will get you taken care of as soon as he possibly can.

I hope it works out that he does, and i'll bet he'll find a way to make up to you the iconvenience.

Enough rambling from me, I guess I just hate to see a fellow rocketeer that more than anything else has been attempting to provide to us, get, in my opinion, slammed because he's come upon a serious medical condition.

Could my wife and family take over for me if i were to have a serious medical condition? no .. why do we expect his should be able to..?


Our THOR flew to 5,695' last saturday on a Pro 54 J295, they are beautiful flying birds...
You're not the only one. I know a part time vendor that has orders that haven't came in and of course no replies from BSD

It's a shame because they they make some pretty good kits
All Im asking is for a simple reply to emails and phonecalls. Ive tried countless times to contact them with no success. If there is problems w/ the company then fine, I understand. What makes me mad is the ignorance of not answering my replys. Just let us know that were making contact w/ you. Thats all.
Time to bump this thread and find out if any of the purchasers in this thread ever received their goods from BSD. I've never ordered anything from there myself, I was just curious is the status on this particular vendor remains...unchanged.
I saw a lot of BSD kits at Countdown Hobbies when I went there last month--you might call Nolan if there is something you want.
Still nothing here after e-mails and phone calls...going on 5 months august 6th.

... meanwhile "this month's" Extreme Rocketry has a review of 3" Thor. :^P seems like BSD makes nice stuff, too bad we can't get any.