???whats this???

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It beeps really loud to let you know where your rocket landed. Pretty darn annoying even on the HPR pads 100' away.
It is triggered by a G-switch when the rocket lifts off the pad, and is somewhat like an altimiter in htat it can be set to deploy the parachute 15 seconds after activation (just an example) or airstart motors.
Actually, the Trans-Beep does *not* beep on the pad. It has an optical sensor on it so it stays silent until it is deployed with the parachute. I have one and I love it, but it's heavy enough that you only want to use it on very large MPR birds to HPR.
Yea... 6 ounces :eek:

Huh, guess i got it confused with the other beepers which are armed when you turn on the switch.
A switch that has a spring, when compressed like with rocket accelleration closes teh circuit.