What's the BEST part of HPR?

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Adam Selene

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Jan 18, 2009
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we've been discusing the worst part of HPR so what is, to you, the BEST part of HPR?
Meeting your Buddies on launch day...Swapping stories and news...and then everyone looking to the sky as someone's new "baby" takes to the sky.....

I guess power level does not matter...This joy trancends motor size...
You get to burn many more newtons!!!!!

(someone needs to do "Tim the Toolman's" grunt)
FIre! Fire!! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D
*jumping up and down*

:D :D :D :D :D
Since I crabbed so much about my frustrations with HPR, it would be appropriate to mention why I stick with it:

Learning from others.
Putting your heart and soul into a project, hoping you put that motor together properly, and watching it all work.
Having your L1 project reach 1800' and land within 50 yards of the pad.
Not only because of HPR, but in all levels of rocketry, the best part is all of the friends I have made. Second, is seeing something I built with my own hands being able to perform at such extreme levels.
naw its all about having the bigger rocket

I beg to differ, it's what you can do with that smaller rocket that counts :D

I love the countdown. You know that at 0 something will happen (unless you got a bad igniter!) It's all about the anticipation for me.
The Rush!

It starts with an idea, and ends with a perfect flight and recovery...the best part for me IS High Power Rocketry

I love my LPR from past to present, as I can share that with my children, and I love MPR as I am teaching that to my son as he grows up. But HPR is all mine, and the Rush is the best "high" I believe I will ever experience...gotta love it all!
It's the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling when you finally get everything prepped and ready to launch -- followed by the rush of pure, concentrated adrenaline when your creation roars into the sky, climbing higher and higher, faster and faster on a column of fire and smoke, coasts gracefully to apogee and pops the chutes!

This sensation is multiplied when it's a complex rocket -- clusters, airstarts, staged, etc.

Then there's the fun of meeting other rocketry folk, hanging out and talking rockets, seeing what cool things they're doing, etc.

Not to mention the high "cool factor" of big rockets, and (in my case) the looks on people's faces when I've got a couple rockets strapped to the roof of my Trooper.

You said it Ray, that's what i get all the times.
I too agree with Ray, it's the adrenaline, starting with the prep of the motor, hoping it will perform normally, setting the igniter, will it lite, the launch, will it go straight and true, ejection, will it zipper, recovery, will the chute bring it all back intact, in one piece, then a moment of rest and reflection after all goes well.

even though im not certified to fly HPR, i see it flown every month. i must say, my favorite part is when you have a huge rocket on the ground, that just screams off the pad and echoes its roar on the trees, and waaaay way up there its coming to apogee, knowing how huge this rocket is, its really amazing to see how small it gets. thats my favorite part.
all of the above
the planning and building process is also a big part of the fun for me.
Even a bad day of rocketry beats a good day at work......
........ any time.

...cause somehow you are inches closer to the real thing which kinda feels like this -


or this...

These are a few of my favorite things.

1: Seeing my friends and talking about things that I want to talk about, like rockets, with someone who understands the same passion.

2: Anticipation

3: Pressing the button

4: Things that make me go WOW!

My favorite part of HPR is building and finishing them. I look forward to my next rocket with much more anticipation then my next motor :)
For me, the best part of HPR is the fire, smoke and noise. Another reason why I got certified?

Can you say Aerotech Redline motors???:D

Also, can you say Binder Design Stealth/I285R:D

Also, you get to fly huge rockets with motors that not just anyone can use. Us HPR addicts are kind of an elite group if you think about it.:D

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