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I'd say it's worth $60 bucks easy. That would be a good deal. I don't know if I would buy that current EBay deal though. I think it's mostly wishful thinking on that guy's part:)
I've seen them go for 100+, but not that much. I only paid about $65 for mine, and that was last year. If you can get it for 60, do it!!!! Just make sure you swap out the MMT. NCR's are a little smaller and a 29mm motor won't fit. But it makes a really nice looking and flying kit.
Originally posted by flying_silverad
I have no idea of the value of this rocket, but I have a chance to pick one of these up for about 60 bucks. Is that a fair price?

Apparently. There's one on ROL going at $51 right now with two days left.
I would certainly think it is worth 60 bucks. It's comparable in size and looks (probably quality too) to an Aerotech kit. Isn't that an OOP kit? That would add to the value too. It's unopened... I say go for it or else tell me who your contact is!!!
struck a nerve!
You guys have some pretty fancy stuff going on with that fin lock ring and all.
$60 sounds like a fair price. They usually go for around $100 recently.

John...you'll kill me now....A fellow had one for sale, brand new in the sealed box, at NSL for $40. I walked by it everytime we went to the pads to launch. This is the sad part....I had so much junk in the car for NSL, plus the wife and 3 kids, I couldn't figure out how to make that big box fit. So I passed on it....

Well....we DID have room for a few FlisKits.

My 12yr old son is putting the finishing touches on his Nomad. I've let him build this one on his own. The bottom 24mm stage gave him fits. I had to get some extra body tubes and couplers for him. The coupler kept grabbing/sticking when he glued it in....3rd try was a charm. It was one of those "I could do it easier than explain it" situations, but he wasn't going to learn without actually doing it himself. A few extra bucks for some parts...no big deal...pride in doing it without Dad...priceless...

I won mine at a club auction for $40.00, and then added another $5.00 to ship it to me. I wasn't able to attend the meeting/auction 180 miles away so I asked someone to bid on it for me, mine was the only bid:) I've seen them go for quite a bit on ROL. Its not the same quality as Aerotech, and I decided not to use the basswood fins or CRs. I remade them using plywood. It doesn't have through the wall fin mounting.Mine is set up to use the 29-40/120 reload system. Neat looking rocket though.

I saw that Interceptor at NSL, passed it up several times, had just about talked myself into getting it and someone had just bought it. Oh well, it's probably for the better (for my wallet):D