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Jun 30, 2010
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I myself carry ,
Shroud Material
3x Spare un-built 12" 'chutes
10x 12" plastic 'chutes
2x 18" 'chutes , 1plastic , 1nylon
1x 24" 'chute
2x 3.5ft 'chutes
5Packs of Quest Recovery Wadding
3 Packs of Estes Ignitors
A tin full of motor plugs
Standard Estes Launchpad w/ 2 standoffs + 2 blast deflectors
Spare Estes Proton Beam controller
Spare saftey keys
Spare rail buttons/lugs
Spare batterys
2 Spare launch rod plastic tips (Standard Estes)
Spare shockcord/kevlar
Popsticle sticks

Just to make sure nothing could possibly go wrong :D
lol your prepared...

if i go away far to a launch, or im gonna spend the whole day somewhere

Super Glue
White glue
Wood glue
Hobby knife
Spare hobby knife
Mylar Streamer
Spare mylar streamer
Extra parachute
A few estes plastic parachutes
Shroud material
PLENTY of igniters (ive learned my lessons)
Kelly clamps
extended kelly clamps
rocketry journal
lettuce (wadding)
about abillion batteries
sanding sponges
masking tape
electrical tape

in a tube i have two estes launchpads for low powered ones
then i have a D rod one (is it 3/16"?)
then 1/4" launchers

then of course you need your general lawn chairs, rocket stands, foldable tables etc, plus food and drinks, and water for the dog

that of course, is when im bored enough to prepare like that.:D

2 boxes o'propellant (AP & BP)
2 1 gallon bags of dog barf
A few hand tools including
X-acto knife
Needle nose
Small pony clamps
First aid stuff
Bug repellant
Masking tape
Duct tape
About 100 sheets of wadding
A bag of Nomex shields
A box of igniters
A box of BP igniter plugs
Clip whip
409 wipes
5 minute epoxy
CA (Thick)
Copperhead clip
Box of altimeters and beepers
Assortment of Estes type parachutes (I give them to people who neeed them0
Collapsable rocket stand.
Spare sunglasses
Spare hat
Camera & spare media
Pencil & paper

Yup, I get that in one range bag.

Throw in

2 small folding tables
a folding chair
a lawn chair

A bunch of rockets


Saturaday is looking pretty durn good!

The one thing I keep that is fairly unique is a pair of garden snuppers. Great for glearing vines and other underbrush.
Ok, here we go:

A huge box of BP and AP motors

Tool Range Box:

Paper towels
CA glue
White glue
Multi- tool
pencils and pens
extra o-rings
extra crapperhead ignitors (the ones we dont use when we use firefly)
Hairgel (hahaha jp)
and other misalaneous crap
I forgot to add.....:D

Spare launch hooks
Spare Thrust rings (18mm/24mm)
A legnth of Quickmatch
Stanley Knife
Baby wipes
Modeling Drill
Cotton Buds

Range box #1, Motor Box
Masking tape
Scotch tape
Retention devices
Motor adapters
Safety keys
Clips (clothes pins and others)
Copperhead clip

Range box #2
All of my chutes and streamers, plastic and nylon
Small baggie of Estes wadding
Small baggie of baby wipes
Masking tape
Two multi tools
Multi screw driver
Medium CA
5 minute epoxy
Launch lugs and rail buttons
Large assortment of shock cord materials
A couple of mylar space blankets
Baby powder
Chalk powder
Miniature bungie straps

Range Box #3
Cordless Dremel
Lots of different Dremel bits and accessories
Drill bits
And I forgot, Box #1 is strictly composite motors.
Range Box #4
Black powder motors
a carpet needle
super glue

i don't bring tons of stuff...
I just bring what motors I plan to use plus
extra ignitors
extra plastic plugs
clip whips
long nose pliers
motor adapters/spacers
masking tape
mini mag light
sun screen
bottled water, bbq porkrinds and a sandwich
I have three and a half range boxes:
Box 1: Motors, recovery wadding, igniters and plugs
Box 2: Launch controller, 2 gel cel batterries, 1 relay launch boxes, walkie talkies, multimeter appropriate leads for a single launch
Box 3: 4 other rlay controllers, 2 more gel cells, distribution box for power, extra blast plates
Box 3 1/2: modelling/repair spares: glues, knives, spare parachutes, lollipop sticks, kevlar tape, etc

I also take a cable reel of cables for the relay boxes, pair of launch rails (1m & 2m), three way multipad launcher (which has storage for assorted launch rods, box of rockets, camera, binoculars, sandpaper, lunch and drinks.

The worst things to pack are the children - they rellay hate being folded up into boxes!!

Rabidsheep - ypur mean machine is seriously cool!
Some of you mention that you carry like 3 rangeboxes . How do you get them to the site when you park up ? At our launchsite the carpark is about 500-600ft away from where we launch . And normally I have to take 2-3 trips to get everything I need.
I only have one small box and sometimes my launch pad because,
I have no need to bring every motor I own.. tho I bring a few extras .. or I would need several boxes as well... and I do try to build the rocket BEFORE I go to the launch site... so all I need is the motor ,wadding and ignitor, If one breaks I prefer to take it home and fix it proper but I guess you can never be too prepared !I must admit, I'm suprised at how much some people bring .. but whatever works
I always take a plastic cup that I can tape to my launch pad, I can then put all my used ignitors etc. in it.

Also my multimeter is a must, invaluable for checking how your batteries are or fault finding if something goes wrong on your launch system. (not that it should!)
I should post a picture of my range box - I use a double-decker tool bin that I got at Home (Rocket) Depot that has wheels and a handle to be pulled like a cart. I can put padlocks on it as well (although it is made of heavy plastic. They'll at least keep the honest theifs away.)

Each box has a set-in tray in the top, and then it's basically a big empty box with some compartments accessible from the exterior.

The lower box is full of packs 24mm sungle use engines, and if I take any composite engines with me I put them there. The tray is full of packs of recovery wadding, loose engines (open packs), and a couple bags of ripstop chutes (24" and 18"). The upper box is full of packs of 18mm engines, and a bag of 12" ripstop chutes. That tray is full of loose 18mm engines (open packs), a roll of masking tape, a roll of electrical tape, scissors, pliers, and a dowel.

I should catalog all my engines, but I have *many* packs of B's, C's, D's, and E's of varying delay. Only a few A's. I have quite a few packs of 13mm engines, and will take one or two if I plan on flying 13mm rockets.

The parts trays accessible from the exterior are full of: loose igniters and plugs, super glue, white glue, spare launch lugs, hobby knife, four paint pens for field touch up (white, black, red, and yellow), a roll of streamer material, spare shock cords, a roll of kevlar thread, an assortment of sandpaper, several engine spacers for putting D engines in an E mount, spare hobby knife blades, a couple spare engine hooks, a rag, a pen and pencil, a tube of sunblock, and some bandaids.

I also carry a small cardboard box with the parts for my regular porta-pad and also my "E" porta pad. I often put my 12V Pratt Surefire II launch controller in that box for transport. Clip whips and all the ground support stuff are included.

My launch rods are transported in a long, rigid, heavy cardboard tube.

Needless to say, I carry a *bunch* of stuff with me when I launch. I bet I bring over 100 engines every time, just because that's how I have them stored.

Oh, and I blame all of you for my insanity. :p
One thing I take to launches and put in my pocket when I start flying is a small "fly fishing" type tackle box.

You know the really small ones about 1" thick and maybe 3" by 5" with all the little compartments.

I always have this with me when I go to the launch pad.

In it are extra igniters and igniter plugs...saves a trip when a plug falls into the grass or I lose an igniter or have an ignition failure.