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Jan 18, 2009
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Since kenobi65 had such a great thread on what rockets got us into this hobby, I thought I'd take it one step further and ask what is in everbody's fleet?
Here are some pictures of my fleet, and if you look closely you can see my Star Wars Proton Torpedo(under the Mantis launch pad), this was the very first kit I bought when I was 12. Unfortunately it was lost about the same time, but thanx to ebay I now have another one.
Anyway, on to the pictures....had to break them up so they would fit.....

Still more pix. Feel free to critique, admire, google, chastise, or whatever.

And finally the last one. Like I said I had to break it up into 4 different pictures in order to download it, file size was too big.
Last one...
One of my favorites in my fleet is my Shrox Icarus. Here it is.
By any chance.. are you Mike? Mari's husband? if so im the girl she was talking to at last saturdays launch.
Well kelltym88:
My "current" flyable fleet consists of 239 standard size, upscale LRM's, Odd-rocs, PMC's and Scale models. along with 92 Micro-Maxx models of the same catagories, and an untoll number of various type competition models. I have models in ever room of the house except the bathroom and kitchen and a 10'x 10'x 12" shead crammed to overflowing. At this point I can't lose models fast enough:D Not that I like losing models mind you..
All of my rockets have been built within the past three months -- nothing survived from my boyhood time in the hobby. (At least, *I* don't have any of it -- my parents gave some of it to the neighbor kids, so I suppose it's possible that someone somewhere has my old SS Cassiopeia...)

- Estes Alpha III
- Estes Viking
- Estes Monarch
- Custom TriStar
- Quest Totally Tubular
- Clone of Estes Citation Patriot

On the workbench:
- Clone of Centuri X-24 "Bug" -- the guy who put together the clone kit included a pretty flimsy piece of balsa for the bulkhead, and it, of course, self-destructed during assembly. I need to remake the bulkhead with basswood or something, but that'll have to wait until I get back from vacation in a couple of weeks.
- Estes Baby Bertha -- still in the bag, untouched
Quite the "fleet" there !!! Mine is no where near that size ... but then again I just started building it a little over a month ago.

Included are:

Estes Big Bertha
Estes Mosquito
Thrustline clone Aerobee 300
Estes Snapshot
Estes Mongoose (mostly destroyed at first launch)
Estes ExoSkell
Estes Venus Probe (D engine power, build underway)
Thrustline Mighty Mick (build underway)

waiting to be built are :

Estes Alpha
Estes Fat Boy (with Thrustline 3D cluster)
Thrustline clone Honest John K27
Semroc clone Sky Hook
Semroc clone Rawhide
Don't have time to take any good pics...this one is already uploaded...MOST of my small collectables are on the "Wall of Flame" ... which has turned more into a room of flame. Just think, getting to go to bed every nite and look at the rockets, then slip into a nice dreamy state traversing the unknown usiverse on a old Estes S....

184 across 4 walls hung so far...big stuff is stored elsewhere and a few more to hang yet...

<a href="https://www.rocketryforum.com/reviews/wallnew.jpg">Wall of Flame</a>

Too many to pull out and too messy to photograph, being spread out here and there all over the basement. Here's my stats of my active fleet. I have a few more that are in theory flyable but have been retired:


Kits 57 48%
Scratch 62 52%

Saucer/UFO 21 18%

>38mm 2 2%
38mm 10 8%
29mm 17 14%
24mm 20 17%
18mm 27 23%
13mm 13 11%
10.5mm 2 2%
6mm 21 18%
Other 2 2%
Originally posted by CTulanko

184 across 4 walls hung so far...big stuff is stored elsewhere and a few more to hang yet...

<a href="https://www.rocketryforum.com/reviews/wallnew.jpg">Wall of Flame</a>


Carl, you SUCK! :D
Here is my latest fleet pic. I will need to update it in a month or two, as I have close to 12 rockets that are awaiting better weather for the final paint and finishing....
off the top of my head cause im too lazy to go upstairs and check:

that other serno thing
big bertha
bigger bertha
mean machine
goddard thingy
fat boy
astrocam (which i gotta modify alittle)
tall bertha
short bertha

somewhere around my room are others but not sure where exactly...

alot more of mine are at my camp, lost in trees somewhere, or among the 12 MIA ones i lost in the moving of my basement along with ALOT of engines

and i love that flame job on the mean machine...
Originally posted by Mrs.Bowhunter
By any chance.. are you Mike? Mari's husband? if so im the girl she was talking to at last saturdays launch.

No, sorry that's not me. I haven't even had a chance to think about trying to launch yet this year. Maybe the end of this month.
In order of construction:

Estes Tornado
Estes Nova Payloader
Estes Quark
Estes Wizard (lost 02 Jan 2004)
Estes CC Express
scratchbuilt "Manpad THIS!" (L1 certification, 38mm)
Estes Mosquito
Under Construction
scratchbuilt Plushie Polaris Payloader Pikachu (24mm + 4x 13mm)
FlisKits Deuce's Wild!
To Build
Estes Commanche-3
another Deuce's Wild!

The Plushie Polaris Payloader was going to lift a 2L pop bottle containing a stuffed animal (Gekiganger III, from the Japanese animation Martian Successor Nadesico), but it was redesigned at the last minute to lift a 600mL bottle containing a little stuffed Pikachu. Powered by a D12 and four outboard A10's, it's going to drag race against Len Bryan's "Beaker Blaster" (containing a tiny little Beaker muppet) on an E9. I think I'm going to get off the pad first, but he's got me for altitude.
When I first opened the thread, I didn't read the title. I thought I was looking at a Dream Yard Sale!!!!
You should see what I have that's not built, nothing like Carl's, but some very nice kits. Always willing to trade....hint, hint:D :D
I would post some pictures of my unbuilt fleet but I am afraid of what the Flis man would say about ME. I say GO CARL!!! Keep that "wall Of Flame" going!!! You can NEVER have too many rockets!!!:D
While I don't have near as many as Carl,(although I used to have a wall full of classic OOP's, different story though), I have managed to aquire several kits that I will build in the future, or use as trade material. Had to break them up into 3 pix so bear with me....
Here's the pix 1..
And finally here is the third picture..... what's not shown are the kits I just won ebay and ROL..
PML Matrix
LP Nike Ajax
Quest Icarus
Estes Ramjet
Estes Corsair
Estes Commance 3

Just recently purchased 3 Silver Comets as well, one 's on ebay right now, and I have 3 of the Orbital Transports.
Hey Kelltym88! Way to go! One of the rockets that I have been hunting for is that Super Vega. The ones on ebay keep going for more and more. I have heard rumblings that it is one of the kits that Estes MIGHT re-release but I am not holding my breath. Since I have not seen too many up here, I am posting a picture of my "moldin' oldies" from back in the days when rocketry was the hobby to be into!

PS. Congrats on over 50 posts! It made me look at my #!

Very nice collection!!!!!! I love those 3 Omegas you have there. I used to have one and lost it, and that's one of the ones that goes for quite a bit on ebay. Anyway nice rack!? :rolleyes:

Nice collection you've got there. Like the glider rockets :)


That's hitting below the belt sir :kill: Dang.... :)
I just want one kit, any kit, from that time period. I have yet to be successful :(

I'm sure most have seen my web site. Here are 2 pictures I haven't posted which are part of my collection:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:
Sorry Leo,
I was not trying for a groin shot there! Actually I got most of my K-kits when a friend of mine passed away. I love the rockets but I would rather have my friend back. The others I pretty much obtained in lucky hobby store finds over the years. I have been collecting since the early 80's and I am positive I have dealt with you before the days of the internet, I'm just not sure when. You have alot of unique kits in your built model section! I am having a devil of a time trying to find an Odyssey kit! When I was younger I looked past it on the hobby store shelves because I did not care for the looks, now I want one and cant find it! The one K-kit I bought off of ebay was the Gemini Titan, it is the one time I went all out for a kit. I was willing to pay $500+ for it but I was amazed that it only made it up to $305. I had wanted that one ever since I saw it in an old catalog back in 1979 (the catalog was a 1972) and I was determined to own it even if only for a week in the event that I had to turn around and sell it again. Oh, I like the Arnold collection as well!!!
Scott, as the smilies suggest I'm just having fun :)

BUT I think I smell a trade or two ...... ;)

I've got 2 unbuilt Odyssey's atm and just maybe one might find a new home? :D

To be continued....