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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
So, i just got back from the supermarket..

A buddy & I share lunch duties. We buy the fixin's for sandwiches for teh week, and them make nice big toasted sandiwches for lunch here at work. Yes, we comadeer a whole shelf in the fridge! Even the pickles, mustard, and yogurt & cookies for desssert!!

So, that got me thinking..

what's in your lunch bag today?

(Is it really want you wanted?! :D )

Any weird 'lunch policies' at work?

One freind's work place has a 'no toaster' policy. It seems a toaster in the lunchroom presents a fire hazard, and would increase their insurance by XX%! (Microwaves, kettles, and a welder is OK, but no toasters..)
Ha! We recently had a little passive-aggressive note-posting war going on here between us and the workplace safety rep about a toaster.

She wouldn't come out and say "I'm reporting this to security" or anything, she just posted excerpts from the company procedure manual (page 1158 paragraph 460, item 33, line blah blah...) saying "Cooking devices are prohibited" Like a toaster is a cooking device. Not a toaster oven, a TOASTER.

So I did what anyone in my position would do, threw the notes away and ignored the situation while feasting on yummy toasted English muffins. After about 4 months of note after note after note DUG OUT OF THE TRASH, after note, one of my cube-mates catches her posting another note and says straight up, "I want to hear this from the Company Safety/Security office".

One week later the Safety auditor comes by, gigs us for having a power strip in the outlet, but says the toaster is fine. Case closed.

My sandwich is roast beef on whole wheat. :bangbang:
In my youth...a long long time ago I worked at a factory in the depatment that heat treated syncroniser rings.

The ovens had an 8" opening and were open in the front so at lunch time we'd place an oven themometer near the end to get the proper cooking temperature.

After a couple of months we got pretty good at making cassaroles for lunch. We took turns preparing constantly trying to outdo each other.

My Squid stuffed with wild rice and shrimp was to die for!

Would have gone great with a nice Sauvanon Blanc but that wasn't alloud.
In my youth I lived on a large farming operation. We'd wrap up corn on the cob and potatoes in foil with a little butter and place them on the exhaust manifold of the tractor. By noon, we would have baked potatoes and corn on the cob for lunch!
Stopped at Arby's for a roast burger on the way from on appointment up north (Wooster, OH) to visit folk at Ohio State University Hospital (Columbus, OH). I Stopped here at the office to check messages just for ten minutes or so.

Hopefully, I'll make it home for supper.

Gotta go...
I have just enough leftover chili from last night for lunch. The kids are still stuffed from the homemade donuts I made this morning so I don't think they'll be asking for lunch any time soon.
This is the kind of fascinating repartee that has made Twitter a global phenomenon.

I weep for the future of mankind.

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A can o' Slim Fast and a bag of FAT FREE pretzels:pop:
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AFter being under the weather and under the influence of good pain meds for a few days, hurt my knees over the weekend, I had a craving. Last night my wonderful woman brought me IBC rootbeer, Lays potato chips and a big carton of cottage cheese. Today I added Krispy Kream donuts to the mix.
Think I'm feeling a bit better.
Black Forrest Ham and Swiss cheese on Pane' bread with mustard, big glass of milk and some Mission Tortila chips.
My work backs up to a nice parcel of semi wooded private land.
After lunch we go for a nice 1 mile walk.
It keeps the weight down and gets rid of that mid afternoon swoon .
For lunch today, I had what I usually have:

For lunch today, I had what I usually have:

You ate yourself? :D

Three guys on a construction site for a block of flats are complaining about their respective packed lunches. The first one says "Ham again! The next time I get a ham sandwich, I'm jumping off the building". The second one says "Corned beef again! If I get corned beef again, I'm jumping as well". The third one says "Chicken again! If I get chicken again, I'll join you".

The next day, after finding their respective ham, corned beef and chicken sandwiches, all three men do indeed commit suicide by jumping off the building. The first man's wife says "If only he'd told me, I'd have made different sandwiches". The second man's wife says "Tragic, if he'd only said how much he hated corned beef, I'd have left it out". The third man's wife says "I don't understand why there was such a problem, he always made his own sandwiches".

I make my own sandwiches and have never had a complaint yet, but in any case I'm safe because I don't work on a construction site on top of a block of flats. :)
Ok I have no idea why I'm encouraging this ridiculous thread but here goes:

2 Tuna Fish sandwiches on whole wheat
Bag o' chips

And I made it all myself this morning! Usually I make lunch to bring in unless we have a lunch meeting. Then they bring in tons of food and I am a happy boy.

Sometimes it's good to pause, reflect, refresh, and begin again.

Post to this thread when you're hungry! :eek:
Are you looking to adopt? I'm housebroken and reasonably (28 years of marriage) domesticated. I can fix a vacuum cleaner reasonably well.

Sure, when it comes to homemade donuts and handymen, the more the merrier. :)

I always make donuts on the last short day of school and again on our fall camping trip (and then I make a LOT). It's tradition!