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It is amazing to what they can build kite wise !
I have seen the YouTube videos of the kite festivals over in France and
was blown away

We have a couple of Gomberg 12" diamond kites gifted to our children by the former manager their now closed kite shop in Seaside, Oregon, its amazing how such a simple and small kite flies so beautifully.
I wish my grandpa could see that... He always had a kite for us to fly. He was a serious kite person. He had a spool with a least 1000' of 10 or 20lb fishing line mounted to a board with a landscape spike to hold it down and a thread spool bolted to the end as a crank handle. He loved making box kites. I remember one time we took a brand new box kite out and the wind was too strong and smashed it to the ground. He was like, Oh well. Home we went... Back to the spool of fishing line. We bought one of those 40' Dragon kites back when I was in high school. Hooked it up to grandpa's spool on a breezy day and put that dragon kite so far up it looked like it was only an inch long... Good times. Funny what brings back memories.
That was my first thought, Cthulhu. War of the Worlds comes to mind if you could get it to a tripod looking... Either way, it is way cool! Some LED lights and a night flight or sunset...