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Jun 30, 2010
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I go on holiday (In the UK) in the first week of August , and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I can launch on a reasonably sized beach? I've made a 2staged bottle top (18mm) And I have a few 18mm Estes kits to launch there. I need small things that could possibly be made in a few hours with minimum cost involved (Barr motors)
Saucers & spools :D

They stay low, are easy to prep, & don't drift far from the pad.

See Art Applewhite and (shameless plug alert!) yours truly's sites for more information...

Enjoy & have a great time on holiday!
Cool I've never tried CD Spool rockets before . What mm card-stock should I print those saucers out in? I have a 'Rocket-Day' in school on Wednesday ( Sweet ah?) Where a record holder of UKRA comes in discusses the solar system and model rocketry :) This guy holds a 13k height record. And because I've done this before I get a 'Staff' pack what includes lots of goodies :p And of course , free access to the CAD/CAM machine :p So that means I can laser-cut my own centring rings , fin etc :D So is there anything I can build there?
Rocket days at school with UKRA members! Lucky!

Have fun on holiday....just don't launch on a crowded beach!
Well the beach I am hoping to goto is normaly packed at around dinner time , and the apartment we are staying in is only a 2minute walk to the beach. So up nice & early and down to the beach it is :) Last time I visited there , the sand is REALY flat when the tide has gone out , so a rocket car is in desperate need :)


Do any UK memebers know of any good bottles ect that make good odd rocs?
Ohh yeh , I forgot to mention that the guy coming in is Mr. Robert O'Brien from Edge Hill University. Heres the link to the previous ' Rocket Day '
Originally posted by Karl
Ohh yeh , I forgot to mention that the guy coming in is Mr. Robert O'Brien from Edge Hill University.

I didn't realise Rob was still a UKRA member. Haven't seen him at a launch in absolutely ages!
If it's the same Rob O'Brien he flies with SERFS...I think (but I can never recognise who people are). If not he's active on the e-mail group at least.
I'm pretty sure it's different Rob O'Brien, I saw him in the picture on the web report. The one I'm thinking of lived in the North West, was a member of WLRS. He took part in the Tomorrow's World altitude attempt several years ago, with a modified PML Quantum Leap IIRC. He must be about 21-22 now, I would guess. Last I heard, he was planning his L3, but even that must be about 3 years ago.
Well It must be the same guy , If you look at one of the pictures on the website there is a PML Quantum Leap in the background. And I checked the WRLS website and am righting him an email as I speak. Im not sure if he is still a member of UKRA , but I noticed that his name is on the 2Staged Alt record list , for a 2staged rocket hitting 13,895 ft , on a K-550W staged to a K-185W.
Can you believe I overlooked the Quantum Leap in that picture?! LOL. Pretty sure that flight was his Tomorrow's World flight.