What to do when your wife says no more rockets

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Jan 23, 2014
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I said no problem and left this on her ipad.

It ain't no rocket

Look who makes more money. If the male makes more then I would say umm....really. Tell her you are gonna still do rockets. Thats first scenario. Now if you have lots of biils and such like medical stuff then i would say pay those off first before spend money on rockets. if you have kids then the kids needs are met first then you can spend money on rockets. If she has hobbies to then there is no issue on u spending money on rockets.
Just say "yes, dear". Mope around all the time, start drinking beer first thing in the morning, and start playing video games all night long. I'll think that she'll come around.
Some interesting concepts on money and relationships in here.

I get the OP was being humorous, But some people take it a bit too serious. If you're matching shoes to rockets, or counting bank accounts I'd say you've got bigger issues than the number of rockets you're buying. ;)
Everybody is over looking the flying bathtub. Since this has somebody in it, does this qualify as an ultralight or homebuilt aircraft? It certainly isn't just a drone anymore.

Phil L.
Wife said if it dispenses wine she's all in. :)

That was until I told her I needed $12,000 to build it.
She said "I guess rocketry is not that expensive compared to that."
Funny how almost every assumes her complaint is over money, her main beef is that rockets multiply faster than rabbits in our house.:)
Funny how almost every assumes her complaint is over money, her main beef is that rockets multiply faster than rabbits in our house.:)
House your rockets offsite. If money is not the issue and you don't have anywhere else to store them then do the space rental thing. Personally I don't like paying someone a monthly fee for space, but if you don't have a shed or something else, that's the only option. Keeping the harmonious relationship is worth a few bucks.
Here is a repost of something I put up in 2012:

My Supportive Wife...

So my Weekend plans are dashed by high winds, driving rain and hail, and a wife who has been sick and grumpy all week. I tell her that I've had it with being cooped up and I just have to get out. I said that was going to Sears and might buy some big shop tools I wanted. I said that I needed to stop by Home Depot for some materials and more tools. As long as I was out, I said that I was going to go by the gun store and buy that Custom Kimber .45 and that new FN .308 I have been looking at. If the rain wasn't too bad I said I was going to go to the auto mall and make a deal on that new F250 crew cab 4x4 we were interested in. I also told her that since she has been so grumpy that I was going to go to a bar to drink and chase wild women.

Her response: Yeah, whatever....just stay away from that damn hobby shop, we can't afford anymore rocket crap!
Her response: Yeah, whatever....just stay away from that damn hobby shop, we can't afford anymore rocket crap!


The next step after self-serving cars will be flying bathtubs. We'll look goofy, but have a pretty view while travelling.

Those bathtub fellas will go far, I reckon. [Personal attack deleted - mods]
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My wife essentially said, "I don't care if you have lots of rockets, but before you buy more kits, you'd darn well better BUILD some of the ones you have."
Buy an R/C plane. Slap a rocket motor on it. FAA definition is motor glider. Works up to spaceship one sized projects and also converted manned long eZ experimental aircraft. Mention kit planes. I guarantee your wife will beg you to build more rockets after she sees airplane prices.
Stuff that seems to help me:

1) When I want a rocket I make sure the wife gets a comparable amount of makeup/bags/shoes/jewelry/whatever just to keep the wheels greased. "That rocket is $250? No, it's $500 after the wife gets a Coach bag. Plan accordingly."
2) I only buy rockets that push some envelope. It needs to be bigger, longer, fatter, use a material, construction technique or recovery method that's new to me, or expand upon one of those to some appreciable degree. I found it's hard to get motivated to build a rocket that doesn't have something "new" about it.
3) I now build whatever I buy before buying another.
4) I convince my wife to see the latest rocket launch so she can see why I spent so much time on it and why I'm so excited. When she sees it she always agrees it's cool.
5) I'm pretty conservative about buying motors and value quality over quantity. I tend to fret over a flawless launch and recovery and as a result launch fewer rockets overall. That keeps motor costs down.
Is that why you swapped rockets for frying pans?

Me? I show her the price of a new bicycle.

lol! Naw, I ran out of space to keep them too.

I’ve got about 6-7 large projects that haven’t flown, so really I stopped myself from getting anything else until I fly them
You can always point out there are other people with even larger collections....
And that your pile is not so bad (unless you have an even bigger pile..........)

2016 Kit Collection small.jpg
Just say OK. I will now build missiles instead.
2 story shed. Keep all your kits upstairs, no way for her to count them up
Your wife is not going to tell you to back off on the rockets one bit..
You just built her a georgous kitchen..

no more rockets? Easier to unbounce Tigger. Bouncin’ is what Tiggers do best. Not even mean ol’ Rabbit could stomach depriving Tigger from his bounces.

And how can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go round?
How can you mend a this broken man? ...
(Apologies to the Brothers Gibb)