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Jan 18, 2009
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My G-Force has some damage to teh motor tube due to a cato, and I was wondering what teh best way to fix it would be. The way I see it, my options are:
a)CA the tube back together as best I can
b)don't bother, the motor will fit
c)get this tube out, get a new tube, and try to slide it in those fin-loks somehow
d)buy the parts for a whole new bottom half of the rocket
e)get another rocket altogether.

D and E wouldn't be very practical on my budget. I would like this to be ready to fly again pretty soon, like within the next few months. Any ideas? I had heard of using duct tape, but I have my doubts about the adhesive and heat. Maybe this section of tube is not worth fussing over, so I could just leave it how it is or cut it off and use the rocket like that. I have a pic somewhere.
I would simply epoxy the existing tube back into the best shape you can get it then find another tube that will fit over the outside diameter and epoxy that to it. If you can't find a tube to fit correctly over it then I would just get a larger tube and cut out a small section length wise till I get the proper diameter I need then epoxy it around the existing tube.
Hey, Blue,

Easy fix. Here is what I did to repair my Mustang with the same CATO damage:

Slip a 29mm motor in the motor tube. Put some CYa on the edges of the split motor tube. Use a craft stick or something to push the two pieces back together and hold till the glue takes hold. Turn the motor once or twice to be sure it isn't attached to the repair. After it is dry use a small amount of epoxy and coat the inside and outside of the motor tube right over the repair. Use very little epoxy and spread it on thinly. When that is dry sand the interior of your motor tube. Should be good as new, well almost.
Well, that method looks good. For the motor... Hmm. I'll use a G35. It ain't gonna burn ever so what the hey. I'll try this tomorrow if I can find the time.
Is the damage at the forward end of the motor tube? If so, just epoxy it back together the best you can, then fiberglass a LOC style kevlar shock cord mount in.
Slip a 29mm motor in the motor tube. Put some CYa on the edges of the split motor tube. .

I would consider, if possible, to wrap a layer of wax paper over the motor.
Yea, I'll do that and use the wax paper. Would saran wrap work or does CA stick to that?
I did try wrapping a piece of wax paper around the motor but there just wasn't enough room to slip both in the motor mount together. If you turn the motor a time or two it won't stick to it.
Could you rub some wax on the motor? I would think that it would fit with a thin coating of crayon or candle wax.