What size motor should be used?

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Jan 19, 2009
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I saw this on Amazon for $61. How big a motor would be required?:happydeer:

Any one game to buy one and convert it into a real flying rocket? (minus the kids of course)

Specs are as follows:

Product Features
Dimensions: 26(w) x 28(d) x 67(h) inches.
Customize your Rocket inside and out with paints, markers and stickers.
Eco-friendly, made in America of rugged 100% recycled cardboard.
Safe for children of all ages. Free of toxic chemicals and bleaches.
Easy assembly--no tools or adhesives needed. Ships in a reusable flat box for easy travel and storage.

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The child who climbs into it can "fly" this rocket with whatever rocket engine his or her imagination can conjure up. ;) And fly it to the Moon, to Mars or wherever.

I would have loved to have had a rocket ship like that when I was that age.

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Yeah, all we had were regular boxes we would stack into spaceships and submarines. BUt those were good days...
You had boxes!!!! We had to steel chairs and old sheets!! :y:

Still it's a fun idea. I'd rather go to the uhall store and get a couple of wardrobe boxes and build it with my kid though. Not that he's old enough yet, but at 18 months he knows how to properly swoosh his toys! :D
"Look we got a new refrigerator." he exclaimed while happily dragging the box out of the garage.......................................


Go to your local grocery store, ask them for some boxes, and let your imagination go nuts.

Or, go to your local UPS Store or USPS, and get one of their triangular boxes and make a rocket out of it. Cheap and VERY effective.