What size Knipex Snap-Ring Pliers map to std. motor diams?

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Dec 5, 2013
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Looking to get Knipex snap-ring pliers for 75mm and 98mm motors. What size do I need? Thanks.
From Loki's site.....

Q. What type of snap ring pliers should I buy and where can I get them?

A. Knipex brand snap ring pliers are recommended. These may be purchased from www.mcmaster.com. Use part number 5449A92 for 38mm and 54mm motors, 5449A93 for 54mm and 76mm motors, and 5449A94 for 98 mm and 114 mm motors. The 5449A92 part will also work for 29mm rings if you file the tips a tiny bit.
Probably, but I would check the published size of the snaprings for the 98mm case. They are probably listed as 95mm, but check first, you'll be near the limit of the tool.
What I really need right now is the ones for 75mm. I'll order those, and if they don't also fit the 98mm, I'll get the larger size later. Thanks, everyone.

These are what you need to work comfortable.

DSCN5205.jpg DSCN5202.jpg

They lock in position & are released easily with your thumb.
Paul Robinson recommended these to me.
You can "get by" with those for 75....but these are the cadillac & so much more easy to use with large snap rings as you will soon find out.
Unless you have the grip of a Gorilla, the ratcheting ones are the ticket, especially when you get to 98's

Mac-Carr has these also.
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