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Sep 17, 2013
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Well, here goes: Centuri 1/45th scale Little Joe II, Centuri Saturn V, Centuri Saturn 1b, Centuri Centurion, Centuri F-16 Falcon, Centuri X-24 Bug, Centuri Mercury Redstone, Estes X-15 plastic fantastic, Estes Alpha with the wooden nose and fins, Estes Sky Shriek, Estes Astron Shrike, Estes K-39 1/242nd scale Saturn V, Estes K-36 1/100th scale Saturn V, Estes Mercury Atlas, Estes Klingon Battle Cruiser, Estes 2048 Saturn 1B, Apogee Saturn V, Q Models Starship Vega. There might be more but this is good for now. Just taking stock of what I have laying around to be built yet.
Bottom line is after Sheri's Saturn V, which would be the next one to start? You tell me. Thanks. :cool:
I'm too nice to suggest any of the various other Saturn Vs on your list there.

If it were me I'd want something on the simpler side after that SV ordeal, so I'd vote for either that Skylab or one of the old Level 1 Estes kits
Steven, I have a list similar to that, but they're all Wildman FG kits... Can you say sanding till you drop?
I'll vote for the HO JO. I have two of those somewhere in my basement, plus two of the V2's (the reissuses, not the originals from the seventies).
And one vote for the Estes X-15 (stability questinability). :)

I probably shouldn't have included that as it is an ATF model with no building necessary. My concern in flying this would be the engine retainer so I would more than likely use tape.