what rocket organizations are there?

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Apr 7, 2004
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Hey all, this makes me sound such like a newbee... well, what rocket organizations are there besides NAR, BAR, and Tripoli? Just wondering which ones you all use, and what you all recommend for midpowered rockets.
Is there a BAR???:confused:

Never heard of it.

I are one!:D

ARSA, see my sig for a link. It has only like 4 clubs so far but it's free and numbers are for life so you might as well get in on the bottom floor. It's more for Amatuer/EX I think but all are welcome. I joined mainly as a way to make a (gasp) political statement.
Hmm. Not sure where I got BAR. I thought I read it somewhere on this forum.
Zippy you used the "P" word...:eek:

I think BAR is a sub species of the other organizations. Sounds better than "old fart with a rocket" , at 43 i'm proudly a member of the Sub species.
Originally posted by rocketsonly
Hmm. Not sure where I got BAR. I thought I read it somewhere on this forum.

BAR = Born Again Rocketeer: us old farts who left and came back.
We're not an organization, we're just ornery.
Originally posted by HeadHunter
Zippy you used the "P" word...:eek:
Yes, but I did "gasp" first. :) I probably won't be excomunicated unless I go totally R.M.R. on you guys.
There's a National Bodies section in my Rocketry Links thread (which I like to plug) It's not exhaustive but it's all I found!

ACME Italia (Italy) www.razzimodellismo.org/
ARGOS (Switzerland) www.argoshpr.ch/
CAR (Canada) www.canadianrocketry.org
IMR (Germany/Austria + more) www.modellraketen.org/
NAR (US) www.nar.org
NZRA (New Zealand) www.rockets.co.nz/nzra/nzra.htm
SA Rocketry (South Africa) www.sarocketry.co.za
SpainRocketry (Spain) www.ictisp.com/~cortijos/
Tripoli (US) www.tripoli.org
TTN (Netherlands) www.tripoli.nl/
UKRA (UK) www.ukra.org.uk
Depends on where your interests lie, and which group you'll fly with more. Our local NAR section frankly does not offer much support for high-power, so I joined Tripoli. If you're interested in contests and don't foresee getting into experimental, then NAR is good. If you think EX is in your future, go with Tripoli.

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