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Dec 5, 2003
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I have just seen information that Dihydrogen Monoxide rockets can be illegal.
It seems that if your rocket has more than 8.45 oz of propellant then you need level 1 certificate to fly them.They also would seem to break several of the rules of rocketry and also break NFPA-1127.

I can still be amazed at some of the things that slip into law. :confused:

What am I talking about. sorry, Dihydrogen Monoxide = H2O = water. Water rockets are illegal if they contain more than 8.45oz of water.

On a final note if you intend to fly them over 7000' you need an FAA waiver.

David :rolleyes:
Polititians, senators, representatives amd Ministers of Parlament should be placed against the same wall as lawyers to be shot.

Then send thier families the bill for the bullets.

Works for me.

Originally posted by sandman
Polititians, senators, representatives amd Ministers of Parlament should be placed against the same wall as lawyers to be shot.

And of course not forgetting "the marketing division of the sirius cybernetics corporation":D :D

I saw someone make a water rocket out of the big bottles of water off water coolers. He half filled that, but Im not sure how much was in there.

Why have a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) When you can have a WPG :D

I think if I tried hard enough I might be able to get a water rocket up past that 7000' by using a 5000 psi scuba tank to pressurize it with... no wait forget that. I'm pretty sure the coke bottle would rupture sometime before the scuba tank was empty. Still it's nice to know our lawmakers have enough forsight to plan for the eventual introduction of super high test coke bottles. Perhaps they'll see the foolishness of letting people have water without a special permit as well.
LOL! Man... These people are strange... If this is so, my friend and I may have already broken the law over 20 times!:eek: LOL.... Those water rockets are fun... Im not sure if they use more than 8 OZ of water, though...:rolleyes:

Make sure them terrorists dont get hold o no water! itll be the death of us all!;) :rolleyes:
wow some people are stupid.....why cant they just use their heads? what are they gonna make laws agianst rain too?
It could be dangerous! If you stand with your mouth open for a long time during a rain storm with yer nose plugged, facing skyward, you could drown!:D ;) :p :D

Neil you just reminded me of a similar experience.

About 16 years ago, we had been out drinking, left the bar round midnight and when we went to drop off one of the guys, Chuck says, I gotta go. So off he trudged behind a pine tree...all in a pouring rain.

We're listening to tunes, and didn't really think much about it. About 20 minutes later, Rob says, where the heck is he ?

So we get out, soaked in seconds and start looking. He's passed out behind the tree flat on his back, mouth open... Snoring !

Needless to say we were standing there LOAO, when Rob says, ya know, we need to get him up, he's gonna drown.

Tried waking him up 4 or 5 times, then started dragging him back to the car feet first. Fell about 20 times going down the slick hill.

If you ever saw the scene in one of the Peter Seller's movies where he and the woman keep falling into the mud, face first, then staggering back up and falling backwards after they exit the car...well that was us.

Muddy, soaked to the bone, we get back to the car and Chuck slept through the entire thing. We were laughing so hard we lost all our strength, and it took all of 45 minutes to walk the 100 feet.

We get the doors open, and suddenly Chuck sits up, looks around and says, whats so funny ?

He goes to stand up, slips and falls face first into the open passenger side door...and passes out again. That brought on yet another round of laughter, echoing off the trees, amidst the rain.

We about killed him.
Oh jeez.... Rain IS dangerous! At least when mixed with beer....:eek: IT MUST BE REGULATED!

Thats such a funny story.... LOL.I wonder what would have happend if you didnt do anything....:eek:
Thats such a funny story.... LOL.I wonder what would have happend if you didnt do anything....

Everyone (Except Chuck) would be alot dryer and less muddy. Chuck probably would have woken up in the early morning and though "Where on earth am I"