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Jun 18, 2003
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I was just wondering how many of our members here were certified? (and I don't mean crazy)

At the risk of sounding funny...at this point I feel like I'm six foot under...
Certified Level 1 but never use it! Biggest thing I fly are 5 D12 BP clusters. That's more than enough smoke, fire and Noise for this Ol'e rocketeer with more then enough lift to carry my 3.3lb LMR's to a respectable altitude:)
In New Zealand there are no certs
But i would be equavilant to level 1
Level 1 is my goal. Our clubs last launch will be April or May at the latest due to crop planting so I'm having to put it on the front burner.

Any suggestions on a good Level 1 rocket?


LOC has a Vulcanite ISp which is a perfect level one kit. About 60 bucks will bring it home. 8)

I'm hoping to be Level 1 by the end of this year, but that all depends on IF my attempt to get a local club going pays off. First thing is to save up for a NAR membership, and then go from there. If not this year, some time in 05 would be nice.

Speaking of:

I would need 1 or 2 certified people for a Level 1 attempt..is that correct ?

Any web site have specific detail on Level 1, 2, and 3 information and requirements ?

I realize I might get all this info once i'm a NAR member, but I was just curious.

i got 5 years... that or i somehow miraculiously convince my dad/sister/mom/sisters boyfriend to get certified...

my moms gonna let me get certified before she'll let me drive :D
Certing level 1 with the NAR requires (2) level one observers or (1) level two observer to witness your successful flight with an H or I motor. I used an Aerotech Sumo kit with an Aerotech H128W short delay. The weather was perfect that day, last April, at the last launch at the Blaine Sod Farm( field MIA after May 1st to developers :( ) It was a picture perfect flight with deployment near apogee!
You can find more info at the NAR website: www.nar.org
I used a Loc EZI-65 built basically stock,
Im kinda partial to Kraft tubing , I still fly it at most club launches
it was an easy transition from midpower stuff,
I used the same techniques I had learned.but used epoxy in place of yellow glue

If I glassed it and added a payload section, I could have a good L2 bird

I also preferr the low and slow (sorta) cert flights..
If I did it again I would probably scratch build one
I just certified Level 1 back in October '03 with a PML Phobos on a Pro38 H153.

The plan is to attempt my Level 2 cert in March '04 with my BSD Thor on a Pro38 J285.

I don't foresee going for Level 3 anytime soon though...
I'm not certified yet, I will get my L1 probably in May or June, this will be my third attempt. I'm making a new scratch built this time. My goal is L2, third times the charm.
My level 1 flight took place April 24th, 1999 with my LOC Ultimate with a H97 Black Jack motor. My Level 2 rocket successfully launched October 27th, 2002 with my MEGABLAST on a J350 motor.

My Ultimate is now my American Spirit... and it was the only J powered flight I had at NSL 2003.... clustering 7 G motors ;)

The Megablast has logged a couple more flights since its L2 debut, launching on AMW J500 motors.
Originally posted by Rocketmaniac
Ok, powerburner...... you got to explain this one.......

Well, up until a few months ago I had been perfectly happy flying my normal assortment of A, B, and C-powered stuff, with the occasional trip to a larger field to fly D or E (does an Estes E really count as a full-fledged "E"?). Then Toys-R-Us put their MicroMax stuff on clearance, and I started flying those little toys (about ten flights so far, and only two lost rockets). So I'm starting from the Zero certification level, and headed the other way.

I kind of choke on spending $20 for a single motor---for a couple dollars more I can buy a flight pack good for two dozen flights! I guess there's something wrong with me; I just don't feel compelled to launch high-power stuff.
Originally posted by powderburner
So I'm starting from the Zero certification level, and headed the other way.

Ok, I see......... I never thought that would be a needed option...... Out of the above choices, I guess you are "none, don't intend on get one"

Originally posted by powderburner
I kind of choke on spending $20 for a single motor

I wish it was "only" $20 for a single motor.......... I plan on flying a "J" hybrid motor next month it is going to be $28........ (and that is cheap) Actually, my favorite motors are the F's and G's that are between $12-$16 each........
high cost????? you aint seen nothing yet. go for your L3. motor casing for a M1315 - $340 - M1315 load $299 and we havent even stapped fins on it yet. then there's the electronics, etc -yep yep, welcome to high power rocketry - open your wallet :)
I certed L1 before the government decided to step in and regulate the hobby. Only now do I truly have the desire to buy 38mm hardware and reloads. :( Not to worry, one of the members of our local club (ChrisVG) is working on an LEUP.
I am low power and proud of it!!

OK, I have one rocket I fly on an F, but that is it.

I am just having a ball!!

Hey... I figure... it's a hobby... a place to waste time and money for a little happiness! Besides, I'm not interested in Gucci or golf or wine or anything else expensive... what else am I gonna spend my hard earned cash on? :D
Originally posted by daveyfire
Hey... I figure... it's a hobby... a place to waste time and money for a little happiness! Besides, I'm not interested in Gucci or golf or wine or anything else expensive... what else am I gonna spend my hard earned cash on? :D

Well said:D
Exactly man! I figure I get to spend time with my dad and build them, then spend more time out at the field with him flying the rockets. Very rewarding, and I am closer with my dad than a lot of kids my age are.

Rockets have a purpose, you build them to fly. In my opinion better than other types of models that are built to sit on a shelf, although they have their place too. It's cool to build a model that actually does something!
That is the deductible on my homeowner's policy, and that is what I get to pay up front to put my home back together. I came home at lunch today to discover that some @#$%^&*( had kicked in my back door and walked away with VCRs, our living room DVD player, my son's brand new PS2 (that HE saved up his money and paid for!) and some other stuff. Kind of makes you wish you could have been there to 'greet' him.

Sorry. Just had to vent.
I'm with Powderburner. For 25 bucks I can launch two mid size motors or a flight pack with my kids. I'll stick with the lowpower. Fits my budget a little better. If I want to get "wild" & go crazy I can launch my Super Big Bertha on an E or launch my 4" Estes V2 if I ever get it built.
I wouldn't be adverse to a single use AT E or F every once in a while if I could find any up here.

Powderburner, sorry to hear of your family's loss. Hope they catch the guys that did it.
toss me into the Low Power For Life club. I don't have the money, work space, or flying field for anything bigger than C motors. I have to get through a bunch of kits/parts first, then I'll be looking into micromaxx...

That sucks.. sorry man...

Wish you or a neighbor could have been there to greet them... Hope you can get through the insurance without too much hassle..
I could be philosophical about it and say it's just part of our modern world. It certainly isn't gonna do me any good to fume about it. If they ever catch the guy (I doubt it, B&E doesn't get much attention) they won't ever do anything to him, just slap his hand and turn him loose again.

The really sad thing is I wasted all afternoon yesterday and all morning today taking care of this nonsense. (I still don't know how I will charge that absence time from the job---hope I don't have to burn a day of 'vacation') And it was sunny, dry, 50-60 degrees, and NO WIND. I could have been flying. What a p****r.

Enough of this, back onto the thread . .
I just stick with F and smaller motors. I also race R/C trucks, so my money has to cover both my addictions.
I've got an L1-ready rocket, a 180/240 casing set, and an H128 motor on hold at Magnum. Now all I need is a launch day with good weather...so realistically, I'll see ya'll March!

I'm doing it for the personal achievement as much as anything. For no more often than I'm able to fly (money+weather), it doesn't make sense to put all my eggs in the HPR basket. I'm still building low & mid power kits that don't need as much "logistic support".

Having said that, I still want to pick up a Binder Stealth and Pro38 five-grain casing! If I can only afford a K motor once a year, that's OK.

My five-year old is starting to show his own interest in this stuff so I may even end up joining NAR, ya never know...