What kind of stuff do Rocketeers buy at Home Improvement Stores??

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Jun 5, 2009
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It just so happens that fairly close to where I live (where it's hard to find anything bigger than a McDonald's parking lot where you could launch rockets), there's a home improvement superstore which adjoins a parcel of vacant land about 500 yards square. That's about a quarter-mile on each side of open, vacant land!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

My eyes lit up when I saw this land, and I'm thinking about calling the store manager and asking for permission to launch on the land. It would help a lot if I could give them a laundry list of stuff we, the rocketeers, would be buying from their store - I'm sure that would pique their interest a little bit. ;)

I can come up with a list on my own, but any ideas??
Here's what I buy/have bought from hardware stores for rocket use. The rand from regular items to one time buys, approximately in the order shown.

glues of various types, spray paint and primer, tape, wood filler, spackle compound, misc hardware including quicklinks, pvc parts, expanding foam (yeah, I know, I like 2-part better too), epoxy clay, drill bits, Rotozip and attachments, sonotube, Lexan (?), drill chuck (for a pad), clay tile

The list seems short...maybe I've forgotten to list something.
Duct tape man!!!!!!

We, the male half of the population, need our duct tape!!

Seriously though..

launch rods
various power tools (may or may not be 'rocket related' but we like to look!)
sand paper
glues (except CA)
PVC pipe for launch stands
painting supplies (paint, tape, rubber gloves, thinner, etc..)
All kinds of goodies,

wood, sonotube, nuts n bolts, threaded rod, threaded conduit (used in lamps in the lighting dept), adhesives, tool boxes, work benches, all kinds of tools, wiring, paint, all kinds of tape (masking, electrical, duct), and all kinds of assorted doo-dads that you just know you can use on your next project.
My favorite hardware store rocket items:

Epoxy (the stuff that comes in the dual tubes with the single plunger)
Sand Paper
Spray Paint
More Spray Paint
Painters masking tape
Dremel bits and sanding drums
Dremel tools
masking tape
disposablle shop towels
tupperware (rocket tubs)
quick links
steel cable
electical parts
dog barf (celluose insulation)
Shelving (for the stuff I keep buying)

And those innumerable things that account for why when I went to the store for 2 quick links I come home $165 poorer. Whaddya expect, I'm a guy...
U bolts
Eye bolts
Silicone grease
As well as everything mentioned above
U bolts
Eye Bolts
Launch rods
expanding foam
latex gloves
mixing bowls
PVC rod
Various other types of paint.
masking tape
snap ring pliers
bits for drilling bulkheads/grains
etc etc etc
They sell birch ply at Rocket Depot? tell me more, O enlightened one... I always look, but all I can ever find is the 2/3" stuff they build houses with... :rolleyes:

PVC pipes
carabiner clips (handy for holding tape on your belt at launches)
dog barf
sono tubes (sooner or later... :rolleyes: )
spray paint
builder's foam
wood filler
spackle stuff
1/8" launch rods
3/16" launch rods
1/4" launch rods
3/8" launch rods
hobby knife
needlenose vice grips
chop saws
table saws
drill presses
dremmel tools
dremmel tool accessories
cordless drills
regular vice grips
a really big vise
a really small vise

and lots of other junk that I dont really need, but really want, so I buy it anyways, even though I dont have any money at all :D :D :D

What have I forgotten... :D
1.5" and 1" PVC for pads
3/8" drill chuck for rod holder
All-Thread rods
Launch rod
aluminum angle for drawing straight lines on bodytubes
bodytubes (concrete former)
epoxy (Bondo Marine)
sand paper
drill bits
table saw blades
brick mortor pigments (for EX motor making supplies)
composite saw blades (blast deflectors)
1/2" copper pipe (launch lugs, and ejection canisters)
wadding ("dog barf")
Tool boxes with wheels (Field boxes)
electrical switches
plywood (fins, bulkheads, centering rings)
construction foam (fin filler for lightening up heavy plywood fins)
more KILZ
quick links
chalk box filler (for ejection detection)
hack saw and blades
cordless drill

sLOWES and Rocket (HOME) Depot are some of my favorite rocket shopping stores...a local "mom & pop" store called Reynolds Brothers is also a great resource for me...(o-rings)
I'm relatively new to the hobby (havn't flown anything over a D) but today I got some glossy paints and light spackle.
Home Improvement stuff of course, McMaster-Carr sells rocket stuff.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Heheh. Excellent. I'll print out this entire thread and use it if we go talk to the home impovement superstore manager and ask for permission to launch. So not only would we be "guests," but paying customers too. That has got to help...